Translation of lowly in Spanish:


humilde, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈloʊli//ˈləʊli/

adjectivelowlier, lowliest

  • 1

    he had a lowly opinion of himself se tenía en muy poco
    • It was easy for Gabrielle to wish for a Cinderella life, for she was a lowly servant living a life of labor, obedience, and pain.
    • Despite their relatively lowly beginnings, however, all have even greater power than their predecessors.
    • Artists might live in a patron's household, as lowly servant or close companion.
    • The lowly chow of the rural poor has gone highbrow.
    • He had status, ultimate power and the chance to win the glory denied him on land by his lowly position in the rigid social hierarchy of 18th - century Britain.
    • A tan face signifies the status of a lowly peasant who has worked in the fields all her life.
    • And like any self-respecting vanguard, this one started under very lowly circumstances.
    • Brelghtmet will be still be disappointed with their lowly position as a number of their defeats have been close and could have gone either way.
    • We're lowly freshman, at the hands of the seniors.
    • In the last of the quarter-finals Castleford belied their lowly position to defeat Scarborough.
    • Johnny, too, believes the country community has been given a lowly status by politicians.
    • I mean after all wasn't Jesus a humble lowly carpenter!
    • He came to live among us, not in ‘Buckingham Palace with royalty’ but as a carpenter in a humble home in the lowly village of Nazareth.
    • For a lowly freshman she sure had a lot of excess attitude.
    • Certainly they rarely showed any sign of looking like champions after a good opening spell, as Kirkcaldy showed a fighting spirit which belied their lowly status.
    • Ah well, at least I can get a concession ticket now, thanks to my lowly student status.
    • From the lowly clerk, to the highly placed minister, everyone is corrupt.
    • Resigned to his status as a lowly hospital attendant at the Whitestone Sanitarium, Jerome dreams of the day he can once again ply the Hippocratic oath.
    • Crooks refused to put too much emphasis on the club's lowly league position after all the problems they have encountered this season.
    • Despite its lowly status, mucus plays a valuable role in the body.