Translation of loyalty in Spanish:


lealtad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɔɪəlti//ˈlɔɪəlti/


  • 1

    (quality, state)
    lealtad feminine
    • How could they pledge loyalty to a country that destroys families with their bombs and drives millions from their homes?
    • There was even a provision requiring new nationals to swear an oath of loyalty to the Republic.
    • Many lands were confiscated and many Royalists were rewarded for their loyalty to the crown.
    • For most of us, loyalty to our country is regarded as a sacred duty.
    • You must pledge your undying loyalty to me, and only me.
    • He only gave new cars to his cronies and people showing unwavering loyalty.
    • Thus national loyalty is actually quite different from loyalty to a country.
    • Although the Welsh kings were allies, each ruled separate territories swearing loyalty to the king of England.
    • They have no loyalty to a ruling class that exploits them and represses them while claiming some higher unity.
    • Irrespective of differences and arguments his loyalty to socialism never wavered.
    • The party is made an equivalent of the nation, and loyalty to the fatherland is transferred to the party.
    • Second, he could inspire undying loyalty in his crew.
    • Is loyalty to Jesus and to one's own calling placed before loyalty to pastor and church?
    • The final ingredient is essential for employee loyalty and the nature of the brand.
    • As a leader he has engendered a fierce loyalty and dedication among students.
    • Despite his frequently tense relations with his superiors, he engendered fierce loyalty among many of his subordinates.
    • But their obedience was born out of necessity not out of blind loyalty to the crown.
    • In response, traditional retailers will need to increase their focus on building consumer loyalty to insure repeat visits.
    • Despite their ongoing loyalty to the museum, both are well aware of its limitations.
    • Speakers use their local accents as a means of affirming identity and loyalty to local groups.
  • 2

    lealtad feminine
    loyalty to sb/sth lealtad a algn/algo
    • the Civil War produced many cases of divided loyalties la guerra civil produjo muchos casos de conflicto de lealtades
    • How odd, though, that such a self-styled patriot can cast his loyalties aside so readily.
    • All the talk before this match was of friendships strained and family loyalties divided.
    • I guess now I knew where her loyalties really lay; with her libido.
    • I would spend time silently seething and ranting to my husband and his loyalties would be firmly divided.
    • If I could find a way to clone myself, for today only, I would, if only to be able to divide both workload and social loyalties.
    • Back in England, however, divided loyalties to king and country starts to tear the couple apart.
    • There is no such honour behind the loyalties of one of my workmates, who switched his support in his late teens.
    • But at the base the state depends on people whose loyalties may waver at key moments.
    • Their loyalties were divided, and their politics pursued interests which were not necessarily those of the city.
    • But local issues and clan loyalties blunted the rivalry.
    • Never before had the state had such an uncontested hold on the lives and loyalties of French people.
    • By breaking the social bonds which sustained local communities, it destroys our geographical loyalties.
    • Tribal loyalties and feudal social structures distort the democratic process.
    • Yet, he continues, he questions his party loyalties regularly.
    • Recent European immigrants were under suspicion of harboring traitorous loyalties to their former home countries.
    • Meanwhile, younger fans lose interest quickly and often don't develop strong loyalties.
    • Latent divided political loyalties now surfaced, and planters with Royalist leanings got the upper hand.
    • However, his deeper loyalties to his best friend, her sister, could separate them.
    • In Chechnya, clan loyalties often supersede political alliances.
    • Women are divided in their political loyalties, voting preferences, and policy preferences.