Translation of lubricious in Spanish:


lascivo, adj.

Pronunciation /luːˈbrɪʃəs//luˈbrɪʃəs/



  • 1

    • Pause for a few minutes of lubricous sound effects followed by a sigh…
    • It's lubricious and outlandish but somehow authentic.
    • For its consumers, it offered lubricious education in the art of love-making and a souvenir of, or advertisement for, the pleasures available in the prostitution quarters.
    • Our lubricious scribe went on to interview some of her fellow deprived Manhattanites.
    • What people most long for in ogling the screen is to witness some torrid lascivious scene: the incentives to gaze are supremely lubricious.
    • It contains a nugget of truth and humanity that seems to be lacking in her world of dizzy friends and lubricous acquaintances.
    • The image of the satyr turns him into a buffoon, a lubricious figure, a familiar character in satyric dramas.
    • Desire is first to breach the hermitage, and its embodiment is Mary who, as Anthony kneels before an icon of Christ's Virgin Mother, suddenly seems a tart striking lubricious poses.
    • ‘I love an annual report,’ McKinnon told me in almost lubricious tones.
    • He uses his cavernous voice to great effect as a lubricious Henry VIII and a nearly gaga George III.
    • The final straw is when, in a scene that makes even the most innocuous Hindi movie seem lubricious to the extreme, they finally make out.
    • Overindulging in fun and frolic, in the company of silver-bodied damsels with musky tresses, he spent much of his time in lubricious activity.
    • Given enough processing oomph, as we computer experts call it, you can build a machine that will shuffle icons around a screen and download any number of lubricious images from the internet.