Translation of luck in Spanish:


suerte, n.

Pronunciation: /lʌk//lək/


  • 1

    suerte feminine
    you never know your luck a lo mejor tienes suerte
    • knowing my luck ... con la (mala) suerte que tengo ...
    • good/bad luck buena/mala suerte
    • to wish sb (good) luck desearle (buena) suerte a algn
    • good luck! ¡(buena) suerte!
    • best of luck! ¡mucha suerte!
    • oh well, bad / hard luck! ¡mala suerte!
    • better luck next time otra vez será
    • it's bad luck to break a mirror romper un espejo trae mala suerte
    • to bring (good) luck/bad luck traer (buena) suerte/mala suerte
    • to have the good/bad luck to + inf tener la (buena)/mala suerte de + inf
    • it was a piece / stroke of luck finding you still here fue una suerte encontrarte todavía aquí
    • they had luck on their side this afternoon esta tarde los acompañó / les sonrió la suerte
    • if our luck holds si nos sigue acompañando la suerte
    • with any/a bit of luck con un poco de suerte
    • to be in/out of luck estar/no estar de suerte
    • two spoonfuls of sugar and one for luck dos cucharadas de azúcar y una de ñapa
    • some people have all the luck los hay con suerte
    • all the luck in the world won't get you out of this mess de esta no te saca nadie
    • still working there? — yes, worse luck ¿todavía trabajas ahí? — sí, ¡qué le vamos a hacer!
    • I tried everywhere to find that book, but no luck busqué el libro por todos lados, pero no hubo forma
    • did you get a taxi? — no such luck ¿conseguiste un taxi? — ¡qué va!
    • as luck would have it ... quiso la suerte que
    • it's the luck of the draw es cuestión de suerte
    • to be down on one's luck estar de mala racha
    • to have the luck of the devil / the devil's own luck ser muy suertudo
    • to push one's luck desafiar a la suerte
    • to try one's luck probar suerte
    • They have yet to concede a goal, but that has been because of luck rather than planning.
    • By luck rather than judgement my fly fell perfectly behind the tree where the fish was lying.
    • Like most successful entrepreneurs, Wallace was lucky, or rather he exploited his luck.
    • He could hardly believe his luck, and used his Northern grit and determination to become a local and national hero.
    • Most people stumbled into their careers because of luck, chance, connections or all three.
    • If improvisation exploits accident, the accident itself is often the result of luck.
    • Debates sometimes occur as to whether long term investment success is due to luck or skill.
    • People believe that this will bring luck and prosperity to themselves and their family.
    • It is believed that these purchases will bring luck and prosperity to the buyers.
    • Our only annoyance is that the eggs come so fast that it's simply a matter of luck, rather than skill if you manage to duck to avoid one.
    • They owe some of their success to straightforward luck, coming at the right time with the right music.
    • We would say good luck Latoya, but from looks of it luck will have little to do with it!
    • There has to be a standard, a level where the candidacy is based on merit rather than on luck.
    • A railway worker, who did not want to be named, claimed it was only luck that prevented a major accident.
    • Swindon police had better luck bringing their Al Capone to justice than their American counterparts.
    • He attributes his success to hard work and dedication first, and luck is only secondary.
    • If well-performed, the lion dance is believed to bring luck and happiness.
    • I gave credit for that to chance, luck or anything that you might want to call it.
    • Managers attribute an individual's successful performance to ability, effort and luck.
    • I suppose it sounds feasible enough, although they haven't brought him much luck tonight.