Translation of lumberjack shirt in Spanish:

lumberjack shirt

camisa de leñador, n.


  • 1

    (a cuadros) camisa de leñador feminine
    • Everyone on the scene wore jeans, no matter what their figure; everyone wore a lumberjack shirt; everyone wore boots - it was very egalitarian in a strange sort of way.
    • Wearing jeans, T-shirts, lumberjack shirts and workmen's boots, the team behind Tap Dogs would look more at home working in a garage or on a farm than performing in a dance show.
    • When an unkempt and unshaven individual in a lumberjack shirt and dirty jeans shuffled into my filling station, I barely gave him a second glance.
    • Lesley was wearing a faded plaid lumberjack shirt and equipped with an all-new hat.
    • I was instantly smitten with Brad the lumber jack god with blonde hair, bronzed muscular arms shown off by the ripped off sleeves of his plaid lumberjack shirt.
    • He had grubby trousers, work boots and a lumberjack shirt so he looked just like a workman.
    • He was wearing a tartan patterned lumberjack shirt and jeans.
    • There's another one about a lumberjack shirt he gave the boy, only to see Miles toss it, still in its shopping bag, nonchalantly over his shoulder.
    • For boys, you really can't go wrong with a pair of dark jeans, a sporty T-shirt or a retro lumberjack shirt in jazzy checks and a fleece.
    • A parked police car had a lumberjack shirt draped over its back window.
    • With a cleanly shaven face, he kept himself quite neat, plaid lumberjack shirt tucked away into fading khaki pants.
    • Rebecca, in her tattered jeans and oversized lumberjack shirt, made a sorry picture in the waiting room of the local police station.
    • Conrad's neat, casual ivy league look stood in contrast to Dudley's lumberjack shirts and rawhide vests, his corncob pipe, and his Maine accent.
    • He was in his early twenties, dressed in denims and a lumberjack shirt.
    • Her dress sense was pretty typical of a farming lassie - Jeans that were too short and in horrible 80's cut stonewash denim, and checked lumberjack shirts with no bra underneath.
    • She was wearing cowboy boots, jeans and a lumberjack shirt.
    • He wore a red and black checked, long-sleeved lumberjack shirt.
    • I went through this tomboyish stage where I wore lumberjack shirts and green jeans and then pink shirts and ripped jeans and we always all looked the same.
    • To get into the spirit of the play, we recommend putting on that old lumberjack shirt that's hanging at the back of your closet, sitting in the back of the theatre chewing gum and doodling.
    • Breakfasting at the Rusty Tractor restaurant, over maps and notebooks, full of our trip, Julia's mood perked up no end at the sight of three men sitting at the bar, all wearing plaid lumberjack shirts and all smoking pipes.