Translation of luminous in Spanish:


luminoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlumənəs//ˈluːmɪnəs/


  • 1

    (watch/sign) luminoso
    (sky/eyes) luminoso
    • In its interaction with light, it heats up in a luminous glow, giving it life and vibrant personality.
    • In New York State luminous objects were seen hovering over 3 very significant locations.
    • A cheap, luminous dial or illuminated watch with large numbers is quite handy.
    • She reached out with her hand to touch the white, luminous object.
    • Regulars are drawn to the minimalist style and trendy DJ music and we particularly liked the groovy light bulbs that give the bar counter a glorious luminous glow.
    • Set in a tightly wound labyrinth, this is where the film's insights about human endeavour are finally brought to light under a luminous moon.
    • At the end one sees brilliant light or a luminous figure.
    • Its luminous, yet soothing lights shined in the dark murky skies like a beacon of heaven.
    • Dozens of people have repeatedly reported the presence of these odd luminous objects.
    • The dimly-lit interior is done up with turntables and the odd futuristic light sculpture, while the bar has a luminous glow that offsets the dim and sexy darkness to the rest of the space.
    • Overhead, the eternal sky glowed with its luminous clouds.
    • My computer screen leaves a luminous blue glow over the dark room.
    • The luminous sun shone brightly over a small cottage in the middle of a long forest as it was setting down.
    • The moon was full, and gave off a luminous blue glow.
    • Her eyes seemed almost to be glowing red from the luminous flames.
    • But the image is luminous, like something radiant seen through the fog.
    • In the center of the field there glowed a luminous fairy circle, where a ring of small greenish gnomelike creatures danced and sang squeakily.
    • The surface material reflected the light and they became luminous.
    • The building was dark, the pews a deep red, and the stained glass windows luminous as the sun shined through them.
    • The sea rolls before us, luminous waves break on the shore, and the moon shines down white from a dark sky.
  • 2

    (energy/intensity/flux) luminoso
    • That leaves 2.9% who actually know what luminous intensity means.
    • Recent advances in technology have made production of luminous radiation that is perceived by the human eye as white light and that can replace conventional light sources.
    • First, a technical point, Lux is a measure of illuminance, or luminous fLux per unit area, and so the corresponding quantity would be irradiance, or Watts per square meter.
    • Geminga might be one of the best understood isolated neutron stars that we have found, but it has the same luminous flux as a candle on the Moon, which means that it will test these new telescopes to the limit.
    • Our theory might predict that the most massive galaxies are the most luminous.
  • 3literary

    (speaker/speech) lúcido
    (style/prose) claro