Translation of lumpy in Spanish:


lleno de grumos, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈləmpi//ˈlʌmpi/

adjectivelumpier, lumpiest

  • 1

    (sauce) lleno de grumos
    (sauce) grumoso
    it's gone lumpy se han hecho grumos
    • She seriously doubted a lumpy mattress would make for a good night's sleep.
    • There were pods like small lumpy rugby balls sprouting straight from the trunk.
    • Even the basics are not up to scratch as the court, laid at the last minute, slopes alarmingly and is uneven in some places and positively lumpy in others.
    • Finally, I folded the sheet and set it on the bare lumpy mattress.
    • Half-hidden under the lumpy covers was a creature of indeterminate size, his head turned away from the door.
    • If my memory serves me well, they had a yellowish, lumpy inside.
    • But, as I hinted above, I'd also peek under that slightly lumpy corner of the rug.
    • The room was quiet, as the food - fine couscous, raisins, honey and lumpy sour milk - appeared.
    • The mattress, he discovered, was too thin to be sprung and slightly lumpy.
    • The paste is always too thin; too thick, too lumpy or the edges are dry.
    • Jenna shot a doubtful glance at the lumpy, brown couch in the corner of the room.
    • Imagine two roads: one smooth, well-paved, well-maintained, the other lumpy and full of cracks and pits.
    • The porridge was too sweet and too lumpy but I was so hungry I didn't care.
    • If they get it right, the present school generation could be set on the road to a lifetime's love of good food, without a plate of pink custard or lumpy mash in sight.
    • I awoke on a lumpy old couch that smelled more than faintly of alcohol.
    • She grasped at the ground under her right hand, taking a huge lump of wet, lumpy dirt up with it.
    • Right in front of my nose a canvass blanket covered a lumpy pile.
    • His face became disfigured, all blotchy and lumpy, truly monstrous, and he began to develop ulcers all over inside.
    • There was a small desk made of metal opposite his squeaky, lumpy bed.
    • He takes a small lumpy box out and hands it to me.
  • 2

    (surface) desigual
    (surface) disparejo Latin America
    (mattress/cushion) lleno de bultos