Translation of lunatic asylum in Spanish:

lunatic asylum

manicomio, n.



  • 1

    manicomio masculine
    • Well-to-do Victorians used to pay to tour lunatic asylums, deriving great amusement from the inmates.
    • Partly this is because most audiences will be duped into thinking it's Vermont, where the story takes place, but also because the majority of the film takes place inside a lunatic asylum.
    • Until the 1970s some governments consigned those people who came under their control to ‘quiet and chronic’ wards in lunatic asylums or hospitals for the insane, and forgot them.
    • It opened as the County Lunatic Asylum in 1774, one of the first purpose-built lunatic asylums in the country.
    • There are regular tours of the Castle, but the eighteenth century interiors have all been hideously restored with over-bright gilt and thick pile carpeting so that it all feels rather like an upmarket lunatic asylum.