Translation of lunch in Spanish:


almuerzo, n.

Pronunciation /lʌn(t)ʃ//lən(t)ʃ/


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    almuerzo masculine
    comida feminine Mexico Spain
    to have lunch almorzar
    • let's go out for lunch salgamos a comer
    • we were at lunch estábamos comiendo
    • I'll buy you lunch te invito a comer
    • they serve cheap/good lunches here aquí se come barato/bien
    • The free buffet lunches were appreciated; the 45-minute talk on plagiarism was utterly extraneous.
    • An excellent buffet lunch was prepared and served by the trainees in catering.
    • They had just finished their lunch in the cafeteria.
    • Try breaking out of routines like always eating lunch in the cafeteria at work.
    • On Monday, he served just three lunches and three evening meals; on Tuesday, four lunches and no evening meals.
    • We enjoyed a relaxing leisurely lunch before starting the afternoon session.
    • Daily lunches and evening meals are arranged by various organizations and individual donators who make monetary donations that go towards food for the children.
    • Price also includes breakfast, afternoon tea and a combination of four evening meals and two lunches.
    • But meanwhile George's mother had cooked a delicious Sunday lunch.
    • I started packing my own lunches and planning meals ahead of time.
    • We had a full course buffet lunch at a poolside club restaurant and the food combination was very good.
    • He finished his lunch with his friend, Luke, before proceeding to leave his tray at a counter.
    • Meanwhile, Jimmy was in school eating lunch with his friends.
    • We had a quick picnic lunch at one of the wooden tables and set off.
    • We need to get our school lunch programs back in healthy order.
    • As I ate my packed lunch, I wandered through the tiny cemetery butted against the church.
    • We ordered our lunches and devoured the meal in silence.
    • Next came a fully-fledged restaurant, open throughout the day and for lunches (though not evening meals), which was extended this year to double its original size.
    • We were running a little late and I was famished, so we broke a rule and had a light lunch in the coffee shop.
    • There is also a lunch menu, priced at £17 for three courses.

intransitive verb


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    comer Mexico Spain