Translation of lunch hour in Spanish:

lunch hour

hora de almorzar, n.


  • 1

    hora de almorzar feminine
    hora de comer feminine Mexico Spain
    • There is nothing inappropriate about asking a friend to join you on your lunch hour for a ham sandwich in the company dining room.
    • The session lasts 15 minutes and so can be done in your lunch hour.
    • Yesterday at work I spent my lunch hour booking stuff for Brett and me to do.
    • She reads during her lunch hour and spends four hours a night on homework.
    • It is theoretically possible to fit a pub lunch into the regulation sixty minutes of the office lunch hour.
    • Employers are being urged to give their staff an extended lunch hour, free drinks or yoga classes to help them cope.
    • Whether or not you take pity on Marissa, you will certainly pause for thought next time you pass her in your lunch hour.
    • Keeping the two apart is pretty hard, and usually involves working through my lunch hour and on the tube home, planning the next day.
    • Today my lunch hour was cut short because I had to meet with a Speech & Language Therapist to discuss one of my little ones.
    • The group I was with helped with washing-up duties during the lunch hour.
    • I was going to look through the book in my lunch hour, but of course I didn't get one…
    • Patients will be able to drop in before work, during their lunch hour or while doing their shopping without making an appointment.
    • I spent my lunch hour eating tuna salad out of a plastic container in the kitchen instead of eating a yummy curry in the best curry house in London.
    • I'm not there yet, though, so am off to spend my lunch hour on my favourite patch of grass on Primrose Hill.
    • They either take days off to let in the washing machine repair man or rush about madly in their lunch hour to get things done.
    • Within the space of a lunch hour this afternoon I'd already come across three without even trying.
    • I was so happy to see him that I spent a whole lunch hour telling my friend his story.
    • I spent my lunch hour buying birthday presents which is why I haven't eaten enough.
    • Anyway, as I sat on the phone talking to the direct sales operator during my lunch hour, a rather curious thing happened.
    • Yesterday I foolishly tried to do all my Christmas shopping during my lunch hour, and returned to work looking glazed and shaken.