Translation of lunchtime in Spanish:


hora de almorzar, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlən(t)ʃtaɪm//ˈlʌn(t)ʃtʌɪm/


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    hora de almorzar feminine
    hora del almuerzo feminine
    hora de comer feminine Mexico Spain
    hora de la comida feminine Mexico Spain
    (program/concert) (before noun) de mediodía
    • So Adrian was forced to spend his lunchtime thinking on his own, again.
    • He spent all lunchtime chatting up girls at the library instead of planning our report.
    • By lunchtime at school, everything was the same.
    • In some, people held anti-war meetings or left work to join local lunchtime protests.
    • The earthquake struck at around lunchtime on the last full day of their holiday.
    • Yesterday's lunchtime concert wasn't without hitch - one piece began very badly.
    • We started in eighth grade playing at lunchtime at our middle school.
    • Then he said to the Americans that the ban would be gone by lunchtime.
    • The following lunchtime, they met at their usual table.
    • A mere glance down the lunchtime menu had my taste buds tingling in anticipation.
    • But even when lunchtime came, she hadn't even been to the nurse.
    • If nothing else, you've at least learned of how I spend my lunchtimes.
    • The walkouts and lunchtime protests by significant groups of workers are not mentioned.
    • On our visit, early one Saturday lunchtime, the restaurant was almost full.
    • Perhaps one day I'll find a reason to call in for a lunchtime sandwich.
    • As lunchtime neared, we moved the interview down to a seafood restaurant on Stearn's Wharf.
    • One lunchtime he came back late and a colleague had to cover for him.
    • When lunchtime came Cassie sat where she usually did, under the tree reading.
    • Make a note of the orchestra's Tuesday lunchtime concert at the same venue on August 10.
    • The workers plan to continue lunchtime protests and will wear black armbands at work to show they oppose privatisation.