Translation of lunge in Spanish:


embestir, v.

Pronunciation: /lʌn(d)ʒ//ləndʒ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (in fencing) atacar
    (in fencing) entrar a fondo
    to lunge at sb/sth arremeter contra algn/algo
    • She lunged at Jen, grabbing her by the throat and knocking her to the ground.
    • He lunged at her and grabbed her wrist, attempting to rid her of her weapon.
    • At this point Lady E lunged at the American and began to shake her.
    • Thinking Sinéad dead, he lunged at Nichola with the other knife.
    • Also, fake the jumper and drive if the defender lunges toward you to stop the shot.
    • She doused her hands with liquid, handed it to Veronica, and lunged at Jake, grabbing his face.
    • But he lunged at one of them and struck one of them in the nose when the camera was shoved back towards this chap's face.
    • He lunged at me and all I could think of was the children.
    • I only touched his shoulder when he lunged at Harry.
    • Thomas lunged at Corrine and grabbed her around the neck, trying to strangle her.
    • It jumped, grabbed and lunged at three of us before wandering off towards the piece of wreck we had just left.
    • Phyrendi lunged at him, grabbing him around the neck and digging in her nails.
    • He then lunged at her and grabbed her around the throat, thrusting her against the side of the pool.
    • Morgan lunged at Katazheniya, grabbing her hand and pulling her back out through the bathroom door.
    • If the defender lunges toward you, quickly take a longer step with the same foot and simultaneously push the ball out and drive right around his hip.
    • He lunged at her with a knife and grabbed the money back.
    • They say Jackson lunged at one of them and the incident was spotted by four Inglewood police officers who then approached and arrested the youth.
    • I lunged at her and grabbed her around the waist, thanking her with the deepest, most passionate kiss inside me.
    • The three cops testified that Dorismond then lunged at Vasquez, grabbing for his weapon.
    • He was heading towards the casket once again but Rachel lunged at him and grabbed on to his back.


  • 1

    arremetida feminine
    (in fencing) estocada feminine
    (in fencing) entrada a fondo feminine
    he made a lunge toward the door se lanzó hacia la puerta
  • 2

    ronzal masculine
    cabestro masculine