Translation of lute in Spanish:


laúd, n.

Pronunciation /ljuːt//lut//luːt/


  • 1

    laúd masculine
    • Instrumental support, which mostly doubles the vocal lines, is provided by bamboo flutes, two-stringed viols, lutes, dulcimer, and panpipes, gently seasoned by percussive punctuation.
    • The shamisen is a lute instrument with three strings.
    • He uses the lute or deeper sounding theorbo in a continuo role on other tracks.
    • The theorbo, lute, and guitar are particularly prominent.
    • Another traditional Czech instrument played in the United States is the tamburash, a stringed instrument similar to the lute.
    • She focused intently at it and as she watched, Doremi could see the figure inside begin to move and pluck a melody on the strings of the lute.
    • A soothing song, played on lutes and other stringed instruments, was carried into his ears as he closed his eyes.
    • Did such instruments as the lute, viol, or violoncello piccolo play a role as continuo instruments?
    • The sweating made him more afraid of playing badly, as he worried that his fingers would slip on the frets of the lute.
    • He is the focus of attention; the lute is his instrument.
    • His arrows were at his side and a lute was strung over his back with its bent neck protruding over his shoulder.
    • Three of the most popular instruments are the two-string violin, the lute, and the pipa.
    • Many of the riffs are righteously medieval in tone, but they rework those tripping arpeggios for a scorched-earth rock setting, without a lute, zither or lyre within earshot.
    • It was then that I heard an eerie melody upon the air, from a lute, or other stringed instrument.
    • One of the strings on the lute is broken, a deliberate symbol of discord.
    • ‘The lute has a broken string, there's a flute missing, and some of the instruments aren't set up correctly’.
    • We had to learn how to dance and how to bow, to play the lute, guitar and harpsichord, to converse with two or three companions on a set subject.
    • The result is a programme of genuine old fashioned carols, songs and dances, performed on shawms, sackbut, recorders, flutes, curtals, lutes, guitars, harp, bagpipes and the hurdy-gurdy.
    • The primary instruments are drums but lutes, woodwinds, and thumb pianos are also used.
    • Bahavis' fingers idly plucked the lute while he spoke.