Translation of lyrebird in Spanish:


ave lira, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈlaɪ(ə)rˌbərd//ˈlʌɪəbəːd/


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    (feminine (with masculine article in the singular)) ave lira
    • A feature of the book that has attracted much attention is ‘a world list of superior singers’ including 194 species, from Australian lyrebirds to canaries, heard by himself or reported by others.
    • The lyrebird of Australia imitates other birds - and other sounds as well.
    • There are no lyrebirds in my garden, but there are a few others.
    • They all construct mounds of earth or vegetation either for display - as does the super lyrebird - or as an incubator for eggs, as do the mallee fowl and the brush turkey.
    • Various informational signs promised lyrebirds, Golden Whistlers, and other gems, but I found the forest fairly silent.