Translation of lyricism in Spanish:


lirismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪrəˌsɪzəm//ˈlɪrɪsɪz(ə)m/


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    lirismo masculine
    • Jin does not endow his protagonist with high powers of lyricism, brevity or a particularly happy ending.
    • Sappho's pre-eminent reputation as an artist of lyricism and love is based on only three complete poems, 63 complete single lines and up to 264 fragments.
    • As the borders between essay and lyricism, journalistic writing and memoir blur, the chances of becoming lost increase.
    • Yerma's lyricism and poetic metaphors are given a beautiful and engaging treatment in this texture and multi-dimensional staging by Galloglass.
    • One does hear a combination of Puccini and Wagner - a smooth Italian lyricism with a touch of Wagnerian harmonic spice.
    • The album preserves their defining qualities: superb lyricism and powerful tension.
    • Well, it's bombastic production and surreal lyricism.
    • K.S. Rao, in his colour manipulations and textured background, arouses a lyricism and a poetic quality with subtle hues and expressive forms.
    • In many ways Mercutio is a parallel figure to Romeo, the complexity, lyricism, and imagination of his language balancing Romeo's.
    • The music's lyricism, irony, sarcasm, and bittersweet triumph find the composer writing at white heat.
    • As a ten year old, and through his teens, he dazzled the public with his fleet and flawless fingers, ardent lyricism and musical maturity.
    • But when she dances, it's her steely technical strength wrapped in luscious lyricism that speaks so eloquently.
    • Silence is more expressive than dialogue and poetic lyricism dominates spectacle.
    • Some of his works are beautiful in their lucid lyricism.
    • If the ‘spectacle’ of agony is a fundamental substratum of propaganda, so too is symbolic language with its lyricism and persuasive argument.
    • Gone are the grimy beats, the sarcastic vocals and nonsensical lyricism, replaced by inspiring rhythms and lyrics laced with celebration and regret.
    • Gluzman played the songful Violin Sonata with unaffected musicality and sensitive lyricism.
    • An award-winning poet of voice, symbol, and lyricism, Hayden's poetry celebrates human essence.
    • The score is cabaret style and combines the biting satire of Kurt Weill and the lush, poignant lyricism of Berg.
    • Despite these small details the beautiful prose blending modernist lyricism with fable, music and motion is highly evocative.