Translation of mac in Spanish:


amigo, n.

Pronunciation: /mæk//mak/


  • 1also Mac

    amigo informal
  • 2British

    impermeable masculine
    plastic mac chubasquero masculine
    • That's only just enough time to round up the gear and the children, find fleeces and macs and wellingtons, and get everyone into the car.
    • However, plastic macs are on sale at the shop - a comfort that was denied the poor old groundlings of 1599.
    • I'm sure people have this perception that it's all creepy old guys in rain macs - but it's not.
    • Those planning to go to Blackpool or North Wales for the bank holiday are most likely to need their macs and umbrellas with the coast and hills favourites for a shower.
    • But that led to problems on the shoplifting front; you see, the macs were behind the counter.
    • Because of the rain I've had to wear it with my Burberry mac, but it goes with it, so all is not lost.
    • Would-be commandos are deployed in groups of up to six, each kitted out in drab macs, assigned a specific target to track down and led into the isolation of a fabric tent.
    • We thought fast food was what you have in Lent, a big mac was an oversize raincoat, and crumpet we had for tea.
    • The chorus is made up of love's losers - life's trainspotters, who wear macs and binoculars and narrate this tale.
    • Also decaying is the seaside town, evoked by changeable weather, plastic macs, ice-cream parlours and ‘folk’ entertainers.
    • Although we are always going to get visitors who wear those hideous yellow rain macs, we do have visitors who are stylish and we want to encourage more of them.
    • The audience is made to feel like a bunch of Peeping Toms, leering grimly through the upturned collars of their grubby macs into the love lives of the rich and famous.
    • This can only mean that Martine McCutcheon must own a Burberry mac too, hence minus points.
    • And the finale complete with yellow macs, umbrellas and of course - rain - was well worth waiting for.
    • But you can arm yourself with umbrellas and macs to keep the rain away.
    • It all began with the return of the mac last year when simple, A-line waterproofs became all the rage.
    • RACHEL WEISZ skips into the cafe like someone from a Seventies perfume ad, with her belted mac and tweed cap and tumbling raven curls.
    • In wellies and rustling macs around 1,500 spectators arrived at Saturday's Lowick Show, matching last year's crowd that took to the showfield in sunnier climes.
    • There probably won't be a single mac or trilby hat in sight at the Novotel on Saturday, he said.
    • The mood is all about luxury, from fine touch cashmere and belted suede shirt dresses to candy coloured silk mix macs and cropped band box smart jackets.

Translation of Mac in Spanish:


Mac, n.

Pronunciation: /mak//mæk/



  • 1

    Mac masculine trademark informal
    Mac feminine Spain trademark informal
    on a Mac en una Mac Spain trademark
    • The appeal of a low cost Mac isn't hard to see.
    • I have been developing software for the Mac for over 20 years.
    • Choosing not to develop for the Mac, then, is choosing for your company to eventually die.
    • Lest everyone think me a Luddite, I ordered my first Mac in January 1984.
    • During this time, your old Mac remains a valuable backup resource.