Translation of macabre in Spanish:


macabro, adj.

Pronunciation /məˈkɑːbr(ə)//məˈkɑbrə//məˈkɑb/


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    • Death at such an early age and in such a macabre manner seems so unfair.
    • It had scores of documentary photographs of case studies and procedures, and was not nearly as macabre as it may sound.
    • Isolation, fear, death, blood, the macabre, pain: this film has it all - and then some.
    • As it is I feel like a killer, and it's more than a little macabre having a Chamber Of Death in the corner of the lounge.
    • Ms Taylor has spoken about how her daughter spent a lot of time in suicide chatrooms with a macabre obsession with death.
    • The macabre theme is emphasized by an Escher-inspired set where stairs lead up and down into unknown places.
    • Over one hundred people were reportedly killed in this macabre death of dance.
    • And what happened next was 70 persons butchered and burnt in a macabre dance of death.
    • The atmosphere it creates visualizes the most grim and macabre nature of the artist.
    • The story of secrecy, scientific ethics and national security is macabre, grisly and disturbing.
    • I attended a spectacle which was comic, realistic, horrifying, macabre.
    • The Archbishop Turpin, disturbed by this macabre turn of events, decided to examine the corpse.
    • Horrified at the realisation we are all drawn to the macabre.
    • During a Halloween party, the Simpsons tell three horrifying tales of the macabre.
    • It's not gory, although it is quite macabre for quite a large portion of the plot.
    • A perfect day had begun with a wedding reception in a marquee at the family home, but had ended with the most appalling and macabre tragedy.
    • I didn't mind at all when Brenda called it macabre or morbid or whatever she said.
    • Towards midnight a macabre scene of pain and death dominated the capital.
    • Modern pharmaceutical research is playing Dr Hart's law out on a macabre global scale.