Translation of macaroni cheese in Spanish:

macaroni cheese

macarrones gratinados, n.


British, US

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    macarrones gratinados masculine
    macarrones al gratín masculine
    • These include cottage pie, macaroni cheese, pasta in cheese and broccoli sauce, chicken curry, sausages with gravy, breaded cod with chips, cheese and onion quiche and jacket wedges with salad.
    • Making the perfect macaroni cheese has not been high on Susie's priority list.
    • He occasionally spends too much on alcohol on a night out, resulting in a diet of macaroni cheese or baked beans until his next payday.
    • Thursday was macaroni cheese day and Friday was boiled fish day.
    • The only pasta I ate was macaroni cheese and, as a treat from a much-loved and indulgent babysitter, tinned spaghetti.
    • ‘Thanks for rescuing me from the eighties-style yuppie witch,’ I said to Diana while I scattered macaroni cheese about my person.
    • Strange that I like macaroni cheese and tinned ravioli.
    • Next up is spaghetti bolognese, macaroni cheese, Shepherds pie, and chicken curry.
    • Fish pie, macaroni cheese, apple crumbles are my staples if I do have to do the Sunday lunch.
    • Fatty foods increase the risk of suffering from heartburn and reflux, too, so if you're feeling stressed and your stomach's producing a lot of acid, eating macaroni cheese may result in an uncomfortable few hours.
    • The unfussy menu provides hikers' staples such as home-made steak pie, melt-in-the-mouth macaroni cheese and haggis neeps and tatties, with a variety of sturdy, wholesome soups and daily specials.
    • Our first thought of course was Traditional British, shepherd's pie, macaroni cheese and all that, but we had second thoughts.
    • Finally it's lunch time at the century old Errard Estate House - a real Looshan country spread of stewed chicken, lentils, macaroni cheese, rice and chow mein to name just a few dishes.
    • The only meal I didn't like much was macaroni cheese because it had a lot of cheese in it.
    • The lunch specials of yore include macaroni cheese, steak pie, shepherd's pie and chips and five varieties of Crombie's sausages.
    • What bribes were brought into play are beyond me, although I believe extra helpings of macaroni cheese - nectar of the gods to a permanently ravenous three-year-old - might have been pivotal.
    • Bert had prepared individual macaroni cheese, and good they were.
    • There's plenty of good stodge on the menu, including favourites such as scampi, macaroni cheese, sausages, lasagne, steak and hand-cut chips.
    • Another top favourite dish in England is macaroni cheese, rather different from what an Italian would find acceptable, but well liked in the British Isles.
    • I dropped the bowl of macaroni cheese on the floor.