Translation of machine tool in Spanish:

machine tool

máquina herramienta, n.


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    máquina herramienta feminine
    • He drew on his gritty knowledge of machines in his drive to create his first patented invention - the high-speed machine tool - and then to design ‘intelligent’ machines.
    • And we did pass a provision last year that I authored, Lou, in the defense bill that said that if you buy an American machine tool and you're in a competition for a defense contract, that gives you a leg up.
    • It's the mental equivalent of a machine tool - a tool that's used to build tools.
    • The numerical control knows where the machine tool is - it knows this because it knows where it isn't.
    • He works for an international machine tool manufacturing company in Ohio.
    • Ralph Bowman owned a machine tool and equipment company while Helen had been a primary school teacher before her marriage.
    • As tens of thousands of factories tooled up for their production runs, the machine tool industry was overwhelmed.
    • Relatively simple processes, such as improving the yield of a machine tool, have short half-lives, often less than a year.
    • Another benefit was provided by the inherent accuracy of the machine tool.
    • Still, he also points out that because a design is in math, it is a whole lot easier to mill out a model, using post-processed CAD data to run the machine tool.
    • Thus, the machine tool was built to have the highest possible passive impedance.
    • Practically all of them have had to be determined hurriedly with no opportunity to observe the operation in practice and often times without knowing the particular machine tool that will be used.
    • The EEF's figures lump in all forms of machine tool - lathes as well as the kind of pick-and-place machinery needed for electronics manufacture.
    • They might even be able to watch their Xootr take shape in a machine tool at the New Hampshire factory.
    • In the past, you had to justify your machine tool by the setup time: It takes me 25 hours to set this thing up, at $50 an hour, so I've got to run a batch of 1 million widgets to justify that setup time.
    • Get out there, and get behind a desk - not a machine tool.
    • The calipers are worked with a machine tool starting from a block of cast aluminum.
    • John runs a machine tool fitting business as well as the home, which became a registered charity around 12 months ago.
    • Labeled 4020R, these VMCs deliver a manufacturing solution that is said to eliminate the risk associated with buying a used machine tool.
    • I'm determined to re-establish Dean, Smith & Grace as one of the great machine tool names again.