Translation of macho in Spanish:


machista, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑtʃoʊ//ˈmatʃəʊ/


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    (male chauvinist)
    (behavior/attitude) machista
    • Eddie has a lot in common with Wolverine - he's all tough macho bravado on the outside, but inside he's a wounded human being looking for acceptance.
    • Because they pretend, I think, to be macho guys, but you see what sentimentalists they really are.
    • It looks sporty, but with an unusually rigid, tough, macho appearance.
    • I seem to remember a lot of guys with cheap macho posturing about killing them all and letting God sort them out, and so forth.
    • I can say so many tough and macho things but when I actually settle down there, it's an entirely different story.
    • You always hear the stories of people that say, I'm macho and tough enough, I'm going to ride this thing out.
    • I glanced at the security men, rent-a cops by their overly macho manner and cheap badges, and faced Paul.
    • The Dodge is the closest to the Titan in terms of macho styling and tough attitude.
    • There were effeminate guys who were looking for more macho guys.
    • I would like to find a guy who can handle that, but am also not looking for an overly macho type.
    • Thus although young black men form rival gangs which have to be fought, their tough macho masculinity wins them respect from their white counterparts.
    • The film also does an amiable job of revealing the ‘soul surfer’ culture behind these wave daredevils - even the overly macho dialogue seems natural in this context.
    • He behaved differently around other men in general and found himself slipping into a much more aggressive and macho posture in everyday life.
    • Like a typical macho guy, he views his exile in Gayville not as a sign he might have some thinking to do, but as an educational experience that's made him a better lover to women.
    • ‘The Studs start off as macho guys who don't give a damn, but when they find they might lose their girlfriends, they realise they care more than they thought,’ Steel says.
    • People (who I'm guessing are macho guys) are revving their cars up & down the streets outside.
    • In the tough, macho arena of rock climbing, one woman has beaten the boys at their own game.
    • I'm not one of those macho guys who think men can't cry.
    • But underneath that tough, macho veneer lies a tanned and buffed pretty boy with the vocabulary of a 12-year-old.
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    (image) de macho
    she likes macho men le gustan los hombres machotes informal