Translation of magenta in Spanish:


(color) magenta, adj.

Pronunciation /məˈdʒɛn(t)ə//məˈdʒɛntə/


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    (invariable adjective) (color) magenta


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    magenta masculine
    morado masculine
    • Most photoprinters are actually inkjet printers that offer six-colour printing by adding light cyan and light magenta to the usual cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
    • Painted on top of each are geometric shapes that range from dark green to magenta to off-white.
    • She flipped her poncho onto her shoulders and let the aqua and magenta wool envelope her.
    • As an aside, a mixture of cyan, magenta and yellow should produce black, but in reality a touch of black is needed to get it.
    • Two dragons, a bold magenta and a cooler green, pursued each others’ tails in wheels around my head.
    • On the screen, tall thin models with dark tans paraded back and forth in shimmering orange and magenta gowns.
    • The women wore long magenta dresses embroidered with huge black circles; the men were in black suits, except for one - a clownish individual.
    • It has a long flowering period, producing magenta pink blooms with dark centres right through the summer.
    • The negatives are then exposed successively on film coated with sensitized pigmented gelatin - Cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
    • The positions of magenta, sepia, lanceolate, and short were also adjusted to reflect this change in the map.
    • A sleeveless, short robe of magenta with a short turned up collar of a slightly darker shade added a little more color and variety.
    • The magenta, blue, and green lights fell across her gray eyes and brown hair in beautiful patterns, illuminating them with color.
    • Fabrics and colours are luxuriously decadent: red felt, magenta georgette, misty grey mohair, powdery blue sheepskin and sequinned fleece knits.
    • Full of silky, pillows, a futon sat against one of the pale, pastel purple walls while her low-lying bed covered with sheets tie dyed in green, gray, purple, magenta.
    • These A5 sized cards are based on the eight main colours of the spectrum - magenta, violet, blue, turquoise, green, yellow, orange, red.
    • When the bureau tested bills with more intense colors, like purple and magenta, focus groups thought they looked fake.
    • I got four pastel pencils in magenta, imperial purple, dark cornflower and a brighter blue and made some light sketches in these improbable colours.
    • The dancers are in flat slippers, the costumes are in bold autumnal colours of magenta, orange and dark yellow, and the girls have their hair loose.
    • Fake furs are presented in an especially trendy style - in fashionable colours from magenta to lime green and cyan blue.
    • The colours are either rich jewel tones or warm earthy hues, and include: magenta, purple, red, gold, emerald, olive, espresso, chocolate and charcoal grey.