Translation of magical in Spanish:


mágico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmædʒək(ə)l//ˈmadʒɪk(ə)l/


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    (powers) mágico
    (improvement) milagroso
    magical spell encanto masculine
    • sales have passed the magical million las ventas han superado la marca del millón
    • It was a magical evening which had been opened by the Vocal Union and ended on a high when the two choirs joined together.
    • The result is like a hand-cranked magical music box that surprises and delights.
    • The Fimbles live in a magical valley, a beautiful place like no other.
    • A supremely gifted player with a magical touch, he combined charm and nastiness in almost equal measure.
    • Others have an almost magical ability to pull programs out of the air at the last minute.
    • BF is also a magical guitar player and now writes the most beautiful of song lyrics.
    • It all makes wonderful magical sense until we get to the chapter on greed.
    • As fascinating and magical as this world is, it's filled to the brim with hostile beasts and hidden dangers.
    • The results, on beautifully finished, delicate porcelain, are magical.
    • Transforming the party's policies for the next election will require a truly magical touch.
    • It is fortunate, then, that the Old City is one of the most magical and beautiful places that can be visited by man.
    • The next morning, Fiona woke up thinking about her magical evening at the prom with Dom.
    • The combination of fruit and a magical touch of oak is irresistible, especially with new-season lamb.
    • Rosemary and Yvan could not help being enchanted by the village's charm and magical setting.
    • Adding an extra magical touch were the mechanical swans on the lake backdrop and the beautiful sparkling tulle costumes.
    • Then, of course, there's the Internet's almost magical ability to remove geographical barriers.
    • Even though it was raining, freezing cold and windy most of the time, it is still a wonderful, magical place.
    • Choose a practice to organize your thoughts and transform the everyday world into something magical.
    • Our powerful imaginations and spiritual connections give us almost magical abilities.
    • Those who come to Clifden on Ice are guaranteed a wonderful, unique and magical time.
    • The school was transformed into a magical wonderland where the children met Santa and two of his elves.
    • The magical evening was completed with a curry at the nearby award-winning Indian restaurant, Encore.
    • He can describe the seemingly most mundane of things and make it sound magical.
    • With a cricket ball in hand, his transformation from social knave to spellbinding performer is as magical as his bag of tricks.
    • The sun is conquering the winter and lends a magical enchantment to the snow.
    • It was a magical evening in so many ways and one I'll never forget.
    • Many of the buildings which look on to the sea were built in the Twenties in art deco style and look magical in the soft evening sun.
    • As the sun sets on the magical wonderland of sand, sky and water, another day in paradise always beckons.
    • The Argentine tango is magical, intoxicating, romantic, and passionate!
    • It was the menacing warning that Liverpool may just have a rare touch of magical invention up their sleeve.
    • It is the job of poets and mystics to show us the ordinary and everyday in a magical light.
    • A child's imagination and magical thinking are frequently much worse than the reality.
    • Kirby and Jason became magical on their skates smiling and dancing to the delight of the crowd.
    • Lights both overhead and around the periphery make the courtyard magical at night.
    • Yet these same shapes become magical, their edges shimmer and shift, deceive and delight.
    • A layer of fresh snow covered the ground, making the whole place seem magical.
    • Nevertheless all were ready for a wonderful treat of that magical voice.
    • Levet, who won last week's Scottish Open at Loch Lomond to qualify, showed a magical touch with the putter.
    • Come back to where you belong, awaken your senses with the magical touch of nature.
    • Your article was a delight, featuring the magical friendship of Raymond and Miles.
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    (moment/atmosphere) mágico
    (view) maravilloso
    (illustration) lleno de magia