Translation of magnetism in Spanish:


magnetismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmæɡnəˌtɪzəm//ˈmaɡnətɪz(ə)m/


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    magnetismo masculine
    • This work by Thomson in 1856 on electricity and magnetism is important for it was these ideas which led Maxwell to develop his remarkable new theory of electromagnetism.
    • Research into the apparently unrelated field of electricity and magnetism produced a startling confirmation of the wave theory of light.
    • Other images also surfaced from the Dance Lab experiments, including the opposing forces of magnetism and repulsion.
    • Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism, for example, united the previously disjointed phenomena of electricity and magnetism.
    • The grand aim of De Magnete - to take magnetism beyond the simple use of the compass to find north - was not as successful as Gilbert and Wright had hoped.
    • Isaac Newton had described gravity 200 years earlier; James Maxwell had explained the phenomena of electricity and magnetism with his equations in 1873.
    • Ampère proposed electrical currents in atoms to explain magnetism and Poisson showed how electrostatic induction could be explained by assuming atomic dipoles.
    • The force of magnetism, or magnetic field, is much stronger at the magnet poles than around the equator.
    • Relativity would arrive, not from concerns over the flaws in Newton's mechanics, but rather from contemplating the forces of electricity and magnetism as well as the mysteries of light.
    • In conventional magnets, magnetism is the result of electron spins lining up.
    • Studying the interrelation of electricity and magnetism, Faraday struggled to explain how forces could act at a distance.
    • In many ways, dragging is to gravity what magnetism is to electricity.
    • In 1820 the Danish physicist H C Orsted produced experimental results on electricity and magnetism.
    • That same year, 1600, De Magnete was published, and was quickly accepted as the standard work on magnetism and electrical phenomena throughout Europe.
    • Maxwell's theoretical unification of electricity and magnetism was engineered into the modern human power to communicate across space at the speed of light.
    • This force includes the magnetic effects of moving charges and underlies such everyday forces as friction and magnetism.
    • When Faraday worked out electricity and magnetism he set into motion the electric age.
    • In 1821, Hans Oersted demonstrated that electricity and magnetism were interrelated.
    • People with pacemakers and defibrillators who use arc welding devices and other kinds of heavy energy that involve magnetism or electricity tend to have problems.
    • I mentioned to him that Einstein was very struck as a young high school student by Maxwell's equations, the laws of electricity and magnetism, and that they made a very deep impression on him.
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    magnetismo masculine