Translation of magnification in Spanish:


aumento, n.

Pronunciation /ˌmæɡnəfəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌmaɡnɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    aumento masculine
    the lens has a magnification of … la lente tiene un aumento de …
    • The thinner the tissue section is, the higher the magnification and resolution of structural detail possible.
    • The notation of section thickness on a microscope slide informs the observer of the approximate level of magnification most suitable for examination of the tissue section.
    • If you could see the universe through a microscope with enough magnification to make an atom look as big as a galaxy, you would find, perhaps, that its smallest elements are not particles like electrons or quarks, but wiggly bits of string.
    • The scrapings are placed directly on a microscope slide and viewed under magnification for the presence of characteristic Sarcoptes scabiei mite's eggs or faecal pellets.
    • Magnification was 50x and a micrometer was photographed with each roll of film to verify magnification after film processing.
    • This is an excellent test specimen for comparing magnification and assessing any distortion in the image field.
    • Each virtual slide contains high and low magnifications, with the ability to change magnification or view multiple focal planes at any location on the slide, not just preselected areas.
    • The flowering time was scored when the flower bud was first visible without manipulation or magnification.
    • The most obvious way in which we can escape from the physical limitations of our eyes is to employ a microscope, magnifying glass, or optical telescope to improve magnification and resolution.
    • Over the 24-hr period of growth, GR5 ascospores germinated and formed small colonies visible without magnification.
    • It's like looking at sound under a microscope, the more magnification that is applied the more the details reveal themselves.
    • At low power magnification, entire radial stem sections were imaged and the area stained by the safranin determined relative to the total amount of xylem tissue.
    • While they don't pick up fine little crosshairs or even dot reticles as fast as they used to, they still appreciate good magnification and fine optics.
    • The angular magnification of any optical system can be obtained from the system matrix for the system.
    • This allows one to zoom in and out, by adjusting the magnification of the image.
    • They can vary in size from needing high power magnification in order to see them to being readily recognizable on low power.
    • Supernova from Dolphin Software offers full screen reading in speech and Braille with integrated magnification and works on any of the supported Windows platforms.
    • High magnification supplemented by instrumental analysis can identify these Western modifications.
    • Based on J. Robert Oppenheimer's theories of quantum mechanics, as well as on Ruska's groundbreaking research, the field emission microscope allowed magnification up to two million times.
    • A full-featured screen magnifier comes with many options and can reach high levels of magnification.
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    (copy, photograph)
    ampliación feminine
    • A projection device produces images of the master on the copy material at different magnifications.
    • This is a 4X magnification of the original image.
    • In Berning´s latest exhibitions, various work complexes from the past decade appear alongside medializations of the masterpiece - in catalogs, in libraries, on postcards of artworks, in each case alienated by means of a magnification of the original work or a return to the creative moment of the painting.
    • That is, unlike other spontaneous-drip artists, Pollock created canvases with a single dominant pattern that is repeated, at various magnifications, throughout.