Translation of magnifying glass in Spanish:

magnifying glass

lupa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmæɡnəˌfaɪɪŋ ˈˌɡlæs//ˈmaɡnɪfʌɪɪŋ ɡlɑːs/


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    lupa feminine
    • The impression here is not unlike examining a detail of a painting under a magnifying glass.
    • We discuss color usage as students examine the painting with a magnifying glass.
    • For this hike, you will need field guides and animal track guides, magnifying glasses and binoculars, and pencil and paper.
    • To focus the image, move the magnifying glass closer or farther away from the candle.
    • You may request a magnifying glass to read the fine print.
    • Visitors will be able to buy stamps, first day covers, postcards and equipment ranging from albums to powerful magnifying glasses.
    • You can see these dots if you shine a blue flashlight beam on the print-out and examine it closely with a magnifying glass.
    • Like objects under a magnifying glass, to the extent and intensity that we focus on these problems, the larger and more important they seem to us.
    • The devices to aid the visually impaired also include low vision aids such as magnifying glasses and illuminated magnifying glasses for enabling partially blind persons to read.
    • We advise visitors to take magnifying glasses or, at least, reading spectacles to this event, since the drawings are minute in detail and often in poor condition.
    • Examining a variety of Martian rocks with drills, magnifying glasses, and a suite of high-tech sniffers, the rovers have found minerals, chemical signatures, and rocks with textures and shapes that are suggestive of a watery past.
    • Bring a packed lunch and they'll provide the magnifying glasses and bug boxes to help you see the amazing insect world up close and personal.
    • We'd bake bread, climb trees, stretch out with magnifying glasses and find creatures in the lawn.
    • The service is able to provide a range of aids such as special lamps, large key telephones, magnifying glasses, ‘talking’ kettles, white canes and anti-glare glasses.
    • He made all his observations with single lenses - in effect, with very powerful magnifying glasses.
    • The nine to 11-year-olds, armed with magnifying glasses, collecting trays and fishing nets, set about capturing creatures from the water.
    • A magnifying glass enlarges things at the cost of reducing the total field of view: so, one sees more of less.
    • A magnifying glass or 10X hand lens is helpful in examining plants for the presence of mites.
    • The exhibition consists of paintings and related books, alongside a diverse range of instruments for seeing, including magnifying glasses and binoculars.
    • In a double convex lens, such as a magnifying glass, the light will bend when it exits as well as when it enters.