Translation of mahogany in Spanish:


caoba, n.

Pronunciation /məˈhɒɡəni//məˈhɑɡəni/

nounPlural mahoganies

  • 1

    caoba feminine
    (furniture) (before noun) de caoba
    • The 1962 yacht, crafted from mahogany and teak, takes two guests.
    • Artisans carve objects (ranging from wall hangings to furniture) from mahogany and other tropical hardwoods.
    • All the furniture was mahogany, from the four poster bed, to the vanity and armoir.
    • Grain patterns in the mahogany are too indistinct to establish that boards in the two tables came from the same tree, although such comparisons often prove very useful.
    • Wood benches made from hardwood such as teak, redwood, mahogany, or cedar can stay outside year-round.
    • The bath was enormous, shiny white and surrounded by a wide shelf of polished mahogany.
    • He walked the 300 metre long hall, carved from antique mahogany and adorned with precious gems and family portraits.
    • The desks and chairs and some furniture were made of antique mahogany.
    • Unlike the main hall, Quinn's office was made out of rich, dark mahogany.
    • Both Old and New World mahoganies are considered to be very good for guitar backs and sides, particularly for recording instruments.
    • I gazed at the mahogany of the desk, the long scar made there by a shattering coffee mug almost three years ago.
    • Traditionally, guitars are made from the world's finest cuts of mahogany and rosewood harvested from rainforests in countries like Brazil.
    • Recently commissioned pieces include a cubed coffee table in maple, mahogany and teak which doubles as a chessboard, and a laminated cherry and walnut lamp with a carved design.
    • Stockpiles of pine, cherry, hickory, cedar, hard pine, and mahogany were inventoried in the pattern shop.
    • The five woods most commonly used in furniture production are cherry, walnut, oak, maple and mahogany.
    • So you'll notice dark-colored wood such as mahogany, and rich colors like burgundy, forest green, yellow, and shades of beige.
    • That bassoon he played was made out of rich mahogany with red-gold keys.
    • While the other built-in wardrobes are teak, mahogany is used in the final bedroom.
    • The deep mahogany of the grand piano surrounded and enveloped her plump figure.
    • The furniture was all mahogany and classic looking.
  • 2also mahogany tree

    caoba feminine
  • 3

    caoba masculine
    color caoba masculine
    (invariable adjective) (before noun) caoba
    • There was one girl next to her about the same height as Kelsey with rich wavy mahogany hair, a spray of freckles on her face, and dark, chocolate eyes.
    • The carpet, a rich red mahogany, sunk a little to the touch, making it pleasant to walk on.
    • My eldest son's holiday reading was the brand new Harry Potter and, with his sun-streaked hair and mahogany tan, he looked like a local.
    • Her deep red hair was the rich colour of mahogany and her eyes were a warm leaf green.
    • She tucked a strand of mahogany brown hair that had come loose from her braid behind her ear and smiled at Royce.
    • Although it is not large and the wood is a thick mahogany colour, the venue is afforded an airy feeling by the large windows with views out onto Hughes' Bridge and Sligo Harbour.
    • Chien was seven years her senior and looked more Filipino than Chinese with his tan complexion, mahogany brown eyes and lanky figure.
    • The walls were a dark rose, the carpet was a dark charcoal color, and the dresser was a deep mahogany.
    • Her hair, long, and the colour of mahogany, swished like water.
    • Merle was standing in the middle of the garden in her black trousers and white blouse, the sunlight highlighting the red and bronze of her mahogany hair.
    • Folly has now been followed up with the release of a second, stronger offering, Executioner, a 4.5 per cent dark beer, with a rich mahogany, almost reddish colour.
    • The other was a mare the color of narra, a wood that her Pappy used throughout his house in Maui, a reddish brown richer than mahogany.
    • Cam had to knock again before the door opened, the guy was a little shorter than me with mahogany hair and warm brown eyes.
    • He covered his disbelief with a feigned smile, walking his wrinkled fingers across the deep mahogany colored desk.
    • The floor was a white marble, the walls were made of carved white plaster, the bed was made of a rich mahogany colour, and there wasn't any glass in the windows.
    • He wheeled around to see a young woman with wonderful mahogany hair, a few inches taller than himself, looking vaguely concerned.
    • Stained a deliciously rich mahogany color, the inside of the Threepersons is light tan.
    • He had dark mahogany hair that was parted in the middle and fell just below his cheekbones, half covering his dark eyes.
    • A pale face peeked out from behind a long fall of mahogany hair and light green eyes stood out against too much black eyeliner.
    • Celest stands outside the movie theater dressed in a short black dress, her long mahogany hair combed back hanging loose on her back cascading over her shoulders.