Translation of maidenly in Spanish:


virginal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmeɪdnli//ˈmeɪdnli/



  • 1

    casto y pudoroso
    • Well, I feel pretty and maidenly without bounding my tresses.
    • Pieta's voice was of a contralto color, and though not very strong, it was maidenly and soft.
    • She lifted the bouquet from the ground, and then, as if inwardly ashamed at having stepped aside from her maidenly reserve to respond to a stranger's greeting, passed swiftly homeward through the garden.
    • So Audrey spent her three idle days walking, reading, and occasionally joining in on the maidenly pursuits of her mother and sister, like sewing and fabric shopping at the markets.
    • I tried my best to look maidenly and modest, as I should, though I was near to bursting with pride and excitement.