Translation of mail-out in Spanish:


buzoneo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmeɪlaʊt//ˈmeɪlaʊt/


  • 1

    buzoneo masculine
    mailing masculine
  • 2

    mailing masculine
    • It also enjoys great support from an army of volunteers who help out throughout the year, doing a variety of unglamorous tasks such as mail-outs.
    • The response rate from mail-outs to potential customers on the database is also impressive, running at around 38%.
    • We apologise to the customer concerned, but it was quite a large mail-out so must be seen in perspective.
    • Altogether, 198 questionnaires were returned for a response rate of roughly 12% or nearly 11% among those who received the mail-out.
    • For mail-outs, envelopes should be pre-packaged with your literature - we will add mailing labels and appropriate stamping.
    • No matter how threatened by crime, neighbours cannot be press-ganged into supporting any security endeavour, which should be launched only after some attempt to hold a town meeting or a mass mail-out, electronic or paper.
    • Mass mail-outs are then sent out to attract support, disseminate information and rebuke what is considered propaganda.
    • Professionally designed, corporate promotional material such as flyers, leaflets, posters, adverts and mail-outs can help attract new customers and also help retain old ones.
    • We'll be looking at what we can do in terms of mail-outs and pamphlets to our members and to the wider community.
    • White relied heavily on three costly mail-outs of the same brochure.
    • Local, regional and national awareness of Odd Gallery programming continues to increase with regular coverage by local and regional news media and mail-outs, and recent coverage in Canadian Art magazine.
    • Two weeks after the second mail-out, a third questionnaire was sent by certified mail and phone calls were made to determine willingness to participate.
    • Carter added that the feature greatly reduces the need for hard-copy mail-outs of the service record, thereby saving the Navy hundreds of thousands of dollars in postage.
    • In the Resources Department we need assistance with research and administration for fundraising, sponsored events, mail-outs and administration of our photo library.
    • I suggest it was a mistake to do the mail-out on the 13 th February.
    • Volunteers make personal phone calls to each family of an activated military member, help compile and prepare mail-outs to family members, and help out with special events for family members.
    • The number of respondents who replied to the mail-out survey was 16 per cent, less than one in six.
    • One other thing you can do with Plaxo is to send a mail-out to your address book requesting that people update their own details.
    • The second mail-out, sent one week after the advance-notice letter, included a personalized letter, a short survey, and a stamped, addressed return envelope.
    • We have taken extra precautions to make sure that the information cannot be made available to people who want to use it for bulk mail-outs and other advertising that is just a nuisance and an annoyance to people.