Translation of mail bomb in Spanish:

mail bomb

carta bomba, n.


  • 1

    (letter bomb) carta bomba feminine US
    (parcel) paquete bomba masculine
    • Apparently our town doctor was the victim of a mail bomb.
    • Mail bombs continue to be a threat to enterprises, law offices and government agencies.
    • Mail bombs may be addressed in distorted handwriting, or the name and address may be prepared with homemade labels or cut-and-paste lettering.
    • When we looked at that type of a scenario, whether it's anthrax letters or whether it's mail bombs, it is extremely difficult to investigate these cases.
    • It is important to be alert for suspicious parcels, but keep in mind that a mail bomb is an extremely rare occurrence.
  • 2

    bombardeo de emails masculine
    • Their ISP will cancel their account upon receipt of spam complaints or ensuing mail bombs.
    • In the fall of 1996, Synder was subjected to a mail bomb: an attempt to flood his electronic mailbox of someone with hundreds of email messages.
    • Worm attacks, domain-name high-jacking, logic bombs, mail bombs and Trojan horses have all been utilized by hackers, but now denial-of-service attacks are gnawing away at the Internet's soft underbelly.