Translation of mail shot in Spanish:

mail shot

mailing, n.



  • 1

    mailing masculine
    • A Whitbread spokesman said the error was due to an outside agency using an old list of contacts for a nationwide mailshot.
    • Consumers were bombarded with mailshots offering new credit card deals, advertisements for credit and promotions to encourage young people to run up overdrafts and take out loans and mortgages.
    • The bogus mailshots look official in appearance and focus on data protection and warn of criminal offences if companies do not register with them.
    • University candidates must lobby their electoral college by means of a mailshot to their tens of thousands of voters.
    • In breathless prose, delivered down the telephone or by mailshot, we are informed that this is our lucky day.
    • Up to 140,000 homes in Belgium and a further 140,000 in Holland have been targeted by mailshots extolling the beauties of York as a tourist destination.
    • Kingston Council is to carry out a mailshot of residents in the borough to find out more about the employment needs and aspirations of people with physical disabilities.
    • A successful mailshot requires both time and effort at the planning stage.
    • When we heard he was retiring we did a mailshot of our own around Harry's round and everyone thought it would be nice to give him a big thank you.
    • The 500 or so firms that replied to the mailshot thought they were registering for a free service.
    • The Scottish Daily Mail recently launched a massive mailshot with seven weeks' worth of vouchers offering the paper at 1p.
    • Most importantly, you probably won't have a good way of targeting the mailshot, that is, making sure that only those interested in the topic covered by the mailshot, actually get that information.
    • On top of this, consumers are bombarded by television and newspaper adverts, as well as mailshots dropping through their letterboxes daily, enticing them to take out credit.
    • We will run mailshots for you monthly or every other month to your clients and new prospects, freeing up your time to concentrate on your business.
    • How many times have you found your mailshots have missed the mark - or are addressed to the wrong decision maker?
    • The main aim of a mailshot, just like any other advertising scheme, is to raise awareness and interest of the product/service that is being sold.
    • Businesses have been warned about firms claiming to regulate health and safety legislation for cash after a number of companies in the district were targeted through a mailshot.
    • When you introduce a new product or service, send a press release to all relevant media publications and a newsletter or mailshot to clients or customers.
    • There are endless possibilities with mailshots and a well targeted mailshot is an increasingly effective way of generating business.
    • The Office of Fair Trading has warned consumers to be on the lookout for personal loan mailshots which break the law by advertising misleading interest rates.