Translation of mailing in Spanish:


envíos postales, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈmeɪlɪŋ//ˈmeɪlɪŋ/


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    (masculine plural) envíos postales
    correo masculine
    Business mailing masculine
    • Subjects received a postal questionnaire, with further mailings to non-responders.
    • Three weeks after the initial mailing, nonrespondents were mailed a second copy of the instrument.
    • The second wave was mailed two weeks after the first mailing.
    • Lightweight, moisture-resistant, extra-tough envelope protects your most important mailings.
    • Our state newsletter California Fairways, is trying to switch our mailing from 3rd to 2nd class.
    • Commercial bulk email providers sending verified permission mailings pay based on the volume of their mail.
    • Cinema adverts be screened this month and a new logo has been designed which will be seen on mailings and in adverts.
    • They were in the habit of sending, in one mailing, two sets of letters.
    • Two reminder mailings followed the initial mailing.
    • Duplicate customer records in a database can hurt earnings through unnecessary mailings.
    • Aquascape now sends out 3.2 million catalogs a year in nine different mailings.
    • Likewise, in our outreach mailings we will be very certain to make sure our return address is in place and envelopes are properly sealed.
    • During the second mailing of 2004, participants were asked whether each individual slide was acceptable or unacceptable for use in the program.
    • Using the information we know about people, we can send them direct mailings.
    • Another option is to call catalogers directly and ask them to send fewer mailings or to take you off their lists.
    • The men were much more receptive to political advertising and seemed to prefer mailings with more creative presentation.
    • A follow-up post card was mailed to non-respondents one month after the initial mailing.
    • Doug said he sends his mailings first-class with a personal letter on his stationary.
    • You may need to provide proof of the date of mailing should your contribution reach your IRA custodian/trustee after April 15.
    • Prize draw, sweepstakes and foreign lottery mailings - many typical scams take the form of prize draws, lotteries or government payouts.
    • Within a few days, that mailing had garnered several volunteers and endorsers, along with approximately $2,000 in donations.
    • They may invite individuals to confirm that they want to continue mailings or reduce the frequency of mailings.
    • This use of e-mail results in a substantial savings in postage and time spent preparing large mailings.
    • On my fourth go I got through to a surly girl who claimed they didn't accept direct mailings.
    • This free service can remove your name and address from Direct Mailing Lists, preventing unwanted commercial mailings being sent to your home.
    • The initial mailing was 4,945, of which approximately 600 were returned as undeliverable.
    • Eight hundred managers were selected for the final mailing.
    • To maximize response to the questionnaire, two additional mailings and one postcard reminder were distributed to those who did not respond to each successive mailing.
    • Two mailings of the survey packet were sent, along with one follow-up postcard.
    • Award packets for the President's Award were included in chapter president mailings in August and October.
    • We've seen cracks in the email firmament for a while, but it's pretty clear that too many big companies are doing too much mailing to too many people who aren't totally sure they want to get it.
    • Unfortunately, some of the test mailings never made it through the mail queue on our main server.
    • Certainly, you could expand the age bracket, lower the income level and increase the radius of mailing, but that may increase the cost without significantly increasing the number of leads.
    • They test one color against another with the same mailing just to see if a purple envelope gets better response than ‘brown craft.’
    • And remember, one mailing does not create a direct mail program.
    • The country from which the article of food is shipped or, if the food is imported by international mail, the anticipated date of mailing and country from which the food is mailed
    • Usps employees will contact 3,000 county election officials all over the country to coordinate mailing of overseas absentee ballots.
    • To help finance its publication and mailing, Grant sold his classic Thomas cane rods as well as some of his extensive book collection.
    • Reminder postcards were mailed approximately eight weeks after the initial mailing, with second questionnaires provided upon request.
    • Journalists can register with the ASPS for the latest plastic surgery news, information and mailings.
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