Translation of mailing list in Spanish:

mailing list

banco de direcciones, n.



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    banco de direcciones masculine
    lista de direcciones feminine
    please put me on your mailing list por favor mándeme información regular sobre sus actividades (or productos etc.)
    • About 80 teenagers are on a mailing list for information about the progress of the skateboarding area.
    • For more details or to be put on the mailing list for local event information, contact Lisa Clift.
    • Customers are able to register for specialised mailing lists so they can receive news and sale updates when items of interest come up for sale.
    • The use of mass mailing lists within companies means that lots of people get mail that has nothing to do with them.
    • Their names and contact information must be included in the mailing list for the September magazine.
    • Once you have registered on the mailing list, information on the availability of applications will be emailed to you.
    • One of the major sources of mailing lists for those who send out spam is addresses posted on websites.
    • Stores will send you promotions in their newsletters along with special discounts for being on their mailing lists.
    • With a mailing list members send e-mails to a central computer which then mails them to every other member.
    • Managing mailing lists of the names of the key individuals who already were, or might become, clients was an important management process.
    • I'm picking up my email on the web this week and next, which has reminded me of all the mass mailing lists I'm on.
    • The irony is that most consumers are happy to see their names included on mailing lists.
    • In direct mail, a mailing list is not just a way of reaching your market - it is the market.
    • If you post messages to popular mailing lists or put your email address on web pages, you dramatically increase the chances that you'll get a lot of spam.
    • After some failed attempts to get off their mailing list, he decided to take matters into his own hands.
    • It is also important to understand that a database is not just another name for a mailing list.
    • Anyone whose address is known by one of these companies may receive mail for years afterwards because their mailing lists are passed around.
    • The vast majority of sites gave users no choice about inclusion on mailing lists or having their name passed on to affiliates or third parties.
    • In the past few years he has gathered 150,000 names from telephone directories and mailing lists.
    • For years I have only used the address for mailing lists.