Translation of maim in Spanish:


lisiar, v.

Pronunciation /meɪm//meɪm/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (cripple) lisiar
    (mutilate) mutilar
    she survived but she was maimed for life sobrevivió pero quedó lisiada para toda la vida
    • she was emotionally maimed by his death su muerte la dejó deshecha
    • We know that a percentage of those with good intentions will take the risk and ignore the advice, even though they know they are breaking the law and may well kill or maim someone.
    • And I don't think any player goes on the field to deliberately hurt or maim someone.
    • Furthermore, motorists are responsible for killing, injuring and maiming large numbers of other road users - often those not in cars.
    • There is a horrendous toll of workers being maimed, injured for life and killed in the building industry.
    • Although over 25,000 are killed or maimed each year, we have begun to remove mines worldwide.
    • This will require a wider view in the population at large of the gravity of the offence of threatening, killing and maiming by motorized vehicles.
    • He said it made sense to swap the deer for the geese, since the male deer at the zoo would fight among themselves and kill or maim each other.
    • At least 14 have been killed so far and scores more have been maimed and psychologically damaged.
    • There are many more people who helped me, but they'll probably maim me for life if I were to mention their names.
    • They can then take the appropriate action before a child is maimed or seriously injured.
    • It has not been our risky business that kills or permanently maims our airman, but inadequate risk management and the fundamental breakdown in discipline, conduct, and behavior.
    • He was travelling to work by train when a huge bomb ripped through his carriage, killing and maiming other passengers.
    • Three harbor seals have been trapped and maimed in recent months and left to wash ashore on New York beaches, prompting a Federal investigation.
    • The day the flag pole on the Gardiner Stand snapped, happily without killing or maiming anyone.
    • When one of our children, nieces or nephews or close friend is killed or maimed by a drunk driver it will be too late.
    • Not only does the noise go on for hours but these infernal machines kill or maim thousands of hedgehogs, frogs and fledglings every spring and summer.
    • He then claims he will permanently maim the younger man - one fears the worst - but, in fact, does no such thing.
    • The last thing I needed was to be maimed by a wild animal two hours before my birthday.
    • Five kids in a week in this country are maimed or killed because of gun accidents in the home.
    • They deliberately went out to kill and maim innocent people.