Translation of main street in Spanish:

main street

calle principal, n.



  • 1

    (principal road)
    calle principal feminine
    • Mr Lanyon said he intends to campaign with public appearances in the main street of local towns.
    • On to Carmel, another morbidly cute seaside town with a manicured main street.
    • Genteel Lavelle Road now gets lots of cars ever since it has became a main street as part of a maze of one way streets.
    • They approached the main street cautiously, even a little afraid, not sure of who or what they would meet.
    • To rectify this it is being proposed that the main street of the town become a one way system.
    • It seems as though she feels it would be such a success, that traffic would be a serious problem in the town main street.
    • The day was gone, she said, when you could pull up on the main street of any county town and run into a shop.
    • The gate's position at one end of the main street running through the town reflects its importance.
    • The tension in the van rose quickly as they approached the main street of the village.
    • The town of Enniscrone has declared that the main street is now a litter free zone.
    • The dog, nicknamed John, appeared on the grass verge by the side of the road in the main street through the village.
    • She pulled him up onto the seat behind her, swerving down over the main street to dodge through the rest of the traffic.
    • Now, on leaving my office, I only have a short walk down the main street to reach an underpass into the town centre.
    • She drove through the main streets of Falton City for half an hour, mumbling randomly about how much she hated rush-hour.
    • On the main street, Ocean Avenue, a few people are out walking their retrievers.
    • People didn't have watches then and they could see the old clock from any part of the main street of the town.
    • Driving down the main street you find road markings and speed humps until the church.
    • Like his characters, he used to wander on the main street in town, with nothing to do.
    • The false fronts along the main street might have stepped out of Disneyworld's Frontierland.
    • This is despite it being situated less than two minutes walk away from the main street in Carlow town.
  • 2Main Street

    (as name) la Calle Mayor
    (provincial attitude) la mentalidad pequeñoburguesa norteamericana de provincias