Translation of mainframe in Spanish:


unidad central, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmeɪnˌfreɪm//ˈmeɪnfreɪm/


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    unidad central feminine
    unidad principal feminine
    computadora central feminine
    ordenador central masculine Spain
    • IBM was at that time the largest supplier of mainframe computer systems.
    • On its higher end Unix and mainframe systems, IBM uses in-house technology for these types of tasks.
    • IBM has shuffled a huge chunk of its mainframe support operations off to South Africa in a bid to cut costs.
    • IBM has tried to keep customers interested by adding Linux support to its mainframe boxes.
    • An aging mainframe system was left untouched, instead of being replaced.
    • Terabytes of storage residing on tape is more economical than residing on mainframes in open systems.
    • Unless you are using a mainframe computer, the level of risk to data loss and theft from unauthorized access is growing daily.
    • Despite the proliferation of computers of every size, mainframes still house most of the world's data.
    • Of course, it helps that mainframes have full-time technicians available to keep them up and running.
    • There are over 140,000 employees and over 3500 people on PCs and mainframes that I support.
    • Thirteen years ago, three airlines pooled their mainframe computing systems and created Worldspan.
    • In those days, mainframe computers were coming into usage and electronic calculators were also just appearing.
    • All data were entered into a SAS database using the mainframe computer at UNMC.
    • That $10,000 was an unprecedented value compared with the cost of mainframes and minicomputers.
    • You may be able to cut the energy mainframes use but a lot of energy is still required to cool the machines.
    • IBM brings mainframe scalability to open systems platforms.
    • IBM mainframe computers proved to have more than four-year lives, but not by much.
    • The new Unix boxes and Fujitsu mainframe systems are to incorporate the same architecture, the company says.
    • Firms such as IBM could sell a mainframe computer for just under £½ million pounds in today's money.
    • The new offering is designed for those who want to stay with their mainframe systems.