Translation of mainly in Spanish:


principalmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈmeɪnli//ˈmeɪnli/


  • 1

    they live mainly on fish se alimentan principalmente / fundamentalmente / sobre todo de pescado
    • While the pursuit of art has always been close to her art, she has mainly taken it as a hobby.
    • They mainly involved cars skidding into fence posts and shunting other vehicles.
    • The group is mainly for children between one and three but toddlers younger or older are welcome.
    • His talk was mainly on the awful abuse of alcohol in the very young age groups at the moment.
    • They are concerned mainly with whether the US will win a war, not whether it is right.
    • This show is featured mainly to break the myth that film stars can never be good cooks.
    • Space is all very well, in the right place, but people come to libraries mainly to borrow books.
    • Solar panels, now common even in the wilds, are used mainly to power dim tube lamps.
    • These homes are meant mainly for the elite as they demand a huge sum as entrance fee.
    • He said the defendant lost hair on the left side of his head mainly through the worry about what happened.
    • They were mainly concerned with two types of injury, to the neck and the lower back.
    • In so far as it was concerned with substantive law, it was mainly concerned with the law of war.
    • In her new job, she will be mainly working in Castle Point and Rochford districts.
    • We mainly have hard floors so I usually just sweep up rather than lug the hoover around.
    • This was a big deal that people could have computers, but the personal computer was mainly for fun.
    • He was mainly interested in and concerned with his work, his family, and his church.
    • Mr Atherton and his team were mainly concerned about the allegation of misconduct.
    • These pupils were mainly overseas students taking the exams in their second language.
    • The fines can be issued anywhere in the borough but will be used mainly to tackle town centre disorder.
    • Tangles were commonplace, mainly due to the fact that my rigs were shotted up wrong.
  • 2

    (for the most part)
    the people in the streets were mainly tourists la mayoría de la gente que había en la calle eran turistas
    • the meetings take place mainly on Fridays las reuniones tienen lugar casi siempre / generalmente los viernes