Translation of mainstay in Spanish:


estay mayor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmeɪnˌsteɪ//ˈmeɪnsteɪ/


  • 1

    estay mayor masculine
  • 2

    (chief support)
    pilar masculine
    puntal masculine
    the mainstay of the organization/economy el pilar / puntal de la organización/economía
    • The first pick of Fox's second draft was Jordan Gross, who has become a mainstay at right tackle.
    • The mainstay of the helicopter fleet, the Oryx, was due for an in-service upgrade.
    • After 37 years, the wreck has become something of a mainstay for divers in the area, but it is still excellent.
    • The plans were a mainstay of the amalgamation process and the beacon to guide sustainable development.
    • The inshore fisheries are the economic mainstay of these communities.
    • Visiting is a mainstay of social life, mostly within the circle of extended family.
    • A mainstay of the Joe Torre dynasty, Pettitte needs to stay healthy and excel if he wants a new contract.
    • International trade was the mainstay of Macau as a free port, and has been important until recently.
    • The mainstay of Scotland's bowling attack has just become a father.
    • State-sponsored works remained the mainstay of many painters until the end of the Second Empire.
    • Ever since, Martin has been a mainstay on the Jets' offense, and in their locker room.
    • The organising and running of after-school groups has been one of the mainstays of the project.
    • Farming and forestry are still the mainstay of this area although tourism is rapidly expanding.
    • Since I have so much yew foliage, this is the mainstay of the ropes and swags that I will be creating.
    • Smith was a mainstay of the club's success this season with his running from defence and solid tackling.
    • Analyzed imagery and communications intelligence were the mainstays of this effort, to include the fused products.
    • The staff are excellent, the mainstays being owner Juan and the smiling Joanna.
    • The gun run, loosely based on the exploits of Naval squads in the Boer War, was a mainstay of the Royal Tournament.
    • He has been one of the mainstays of the Bradford team in recent years.
    • Cement was one of his trading mainstays and he was a shareholder in the Portland Cement Works near Whangarei.
    • Farming, herding, fishing, seafaring, commerce, and crafts were the historical mainstays of the economy.