Translation of mainstream in Spanish:


corriente dominante, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈmeɪnˌstrim//ˈmeɪnstriːm/


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    corriente dominante feminine
    línea central feminine
    her work is outside the mainstream of modern literary criticism su obra no está dentro de la corriente dominante de la crítica literaria actual


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    (culture) establecido
    (ideology) dominante
    a candidate who can represent mainstream society/America un candidato que represente al ciudadano/americano medio
    • mainstream politics la política a nivel de los partidos mayoritarios
    • I decided to try something a little more mainstream decidí probar algo un poco más convencional
    • We know blogging has hit the mainstream for sure when companies are trying to make a profit on what started as a grass-roots effort.
    • By leaving the GOP, Buchanan marginalized himself from the mainstream of American politics.
    • But this year the list is five years old, and Porter's ideas have joined the mainstream.
    • He has a special interest in attempting to convey academic ideas to the mainstream, perhaps through print journalism.
    • The overwhelming message carried by the mainstream is that corporate activities are largely benign and certainly not worth systematic investigation.
    • As they point out, the disease of neo-conservatism is more in the mainstream of American politics than many would like to admit.
    • Prior to independence, tropical forest foragers remained outside the mainstream of society and politics.
    • These attitudes place you outside the mainstream markets we wish to service.
    • Before computers entered the mainstream, talented programmers were rare.
    • Crucially, these ideas were not developed in the mainstream of political discourse but on the margins and then popularised.
    • We predict whether the mainstream will adapt those attitudes or not.
    • There's a lot of symbiosis between the activists and the mainstream.
    • In fact, Linux is nowhere near the mainstream of computer desktop operating systems.
    • The problem is, the ideas push into the mainstream of politics, and here we have a problem.
    • Penrose veers into irony in the lengths to which he goes to point out where his ideas deviate from the mainstream.
    • Its attitudes to women also place it outside the mainstream.
    • Education policy often leads the way to integrate new ideas into the mainstream.
    • What this means is that only certain people can find a forum for their ideas in the mainstream and media.
    • I don't think they want a major confrontation when they are desperate to enter the mainstream of politics.
    • If you can't, it only indicates the extent to which your views are way out of the mainstream of American politics.