Translation of maintain in Spanish:


mantener, v.

Pronunciation /meɪnˈteɪn//mənˈteɪn//meɪnˈteɪn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (continue, preserve)
    (attitude/lead/speed) mantener
    (silence) guardar
    if we maintain this rate, we shall finish by five o'clock si mantenemos este ritmo, a las cinco ya habremos terminado
    • The School house will continue to be maintained in its present condition with no alterations to the present structure.
    • Metal also maintains its structural integrity even when wind speeds reach hurricane levels.
    • While spectacular, the architecture also maintains a harmonious balance with the superb exhibition content.
    • The gardens which surround Ambleside have been very well maintained by the current owners.
    • Local school boards are also looking for funds to maintain existing facilities and build new ones.
    • Neither side has the time or interest to maintain roads and buildings.
    • The boxes were maintained in a glasshouse and watered daily.
    • All the records of the activities are maintained on a regular basis.
    • On top of these figures, council continues to service loans for the library facilities and maintain the buildings.
    • Was the upkeep of the Breakfast Shed fully maintained by the vendors or was it subsidised by my taxes?
    • They all have their place in today's world, but unfortunately computers cannot repair and maintain homes.
    • He notes that the building is maintained in good condition.
    • The dance performance just set the mood and the momentum was well maintained with a series of items.
    • They fell still, if only for a moment, in deference, but could not maintain their composure long.
    • Sino-Japanese cooperation will undoubtedly continue to aid in maintaining peace and stability in the Korean peninsula.
    • Costs to maintain existing equipment and code will begin to cost more than buying new systems.
    • Money is also needed to maintain existing defences and pay for better flood forecasting.
    • She has suggested set standards that should be maintained to ensure outbreaks do not occur.
    • Mark describes himself as a ‘grease monkey’, responsible for maintaining the machines in the factory.
    • In the meantime it would repair and maintain the crumbling buildings.
    • It's worth stopping by to check out the meticulously maintained vintage wheels.
    • Other old farm buildings are maintained / repaired as necessary to enhance and blend in old with new.
    • Strict control should be maintained to ensure as far as possible the safety of men and women.
    • Money raised from its sale will go towards maintaining Castle Howard.
    • Live colonies and their gardens were maintained at room temperature in artificial colony chambers.
    • He blamed the residents' poor health on the lack of measures to maintain sanitary conditions in the mining field.
    • One must, he told me, always maintain a harmonious balance among these.
    • Governments don't always maintain the integrity of the sites they own.
    • Predictably, the conditions of the American movements could not be maintained for any period of time.
    • The innkeeper smiled at her when she appeared in the kitchen, and offered her a regular job maintaining his barn.
    • Their intimidation tactics too often succeed, and the rental board authorities only maintain their status quo.
    • The production by Nicolas Kent and Sacha Wares scrupulously maintains this balance between the local and the general.
    • The operator will have responsibility for building and maintaining the M1 roadway scheme over a 30-year period.
    • The government plans to maintain its control long enough to restore its profitability then sell it off to big business.
    • It will try to ensure that the right conditions are maintained to stimulate continued growth in the sector.
    • He added that pressure needed to be maintained to ensure the plan was delivered.
    • You are able to maintain stability in professional situations and retain a position of authority!
    • It is hoped that a dialogue with the Trust can be maintained and that the situation will be resolved fairly.
    • Pupae were transferred to adult cohort cages maintained under optimal environmental conditions.
    • The property has been well maintained by the current owners and comes to the market in walk-in condition.
  • 2

    (keep in good condition)
    (car/garden/house/machine) ocuparse del mantenimiento de
    (aircraft/database) mantener
  • 3

    (provide for)
    (family/dependents) mantener
    (army/troops) mantener
    (project) costear
    • They were maintained under standard conditions and were fed standard food and water ad libitum.
    • However, like any military force today, maintaining a modern, well-equipped, and ready armed force is a challenge.
    • As a result, Sweden maintains three specialized units that can respond to this specific threat.
    • Ankara maintains a 30,000 strong military force in northern Cyprus and continues to wield significant influence there.
    • The country maintains a large military force of 376,000 active and 1,657,000 reserve personnel.
    • Plus, our reserve units are maintained and led by officers on active duty, not reserve officers, in peacetime.
    • Animals were maintained on a standard laboratory diet.
    • In my humble view, the current mobilizations are a reminder of exactly why we maintain an Army reserve.
    • Each major political regime maintained its own separate military apparatus.
    • The horses were maintained on this diet throughout the study.
    • Lack of funding hampered the force, for without money or men it could not maintain units.
    • Even in peacetime, the day-to-day froth of maintaining a ready Army consumes an officer's intellectual capital.
    • We will maintain the necessary military forces in the country for so long as is required.
    • At the macrolevel, we won the Cold War by engaging in a long-term expenditure of resources while maintaining a large standing military.
    • For example, could military forces have been maintained in the region throughout the summer?
    • Fixing a hollow force turned out to be a lot more expensive than just maintaining an adequate military.
    • Please let us know of your efforts to help train and maintain the Military Intelligence Corps.
    • This meant that huge armies could be maintained at a fraction of the cost of a standing (full of active duty troops) army.
    • And I think, in the end, the secretary is going to agree on many of our major points on maintaining the critical military base.
  • 4

    she maintains (that) George is innocent mantiene / sostiene que George es inocente
    • Stinchcomb considered these septate forms a distinct family and the authors maintain that position.
    • The Government has consistently maintained a position in favour of New Zealand's antinuclear status for some 20 years now.
    • He's steadfastly maintained his innocence, claiming that hackers used his computer to commit the crimes.
    • He persistently maintains that he has changed his ways and his getting on with his life.
    • He maintains that he always upheld the constitution and the norms of democracy.
    • He maintained that his position was one of pragmatism rather than principle.
    • Mrs Gaskin maintains that her husband always had access to their two children who had visited him regularly in jail.
    • We acknowledge that they will be maintaining that position, but we disagree with it.
    • Intentionally or not, this is a position McGann has consistently maintained.
    • Third, the idea/expression distinction should be strongly and vigorously maintained.
    • Ted had always maintained that aliens abducted her.
    • Steele consistently maintained this position, during legal testimony, media appearances and in FBI interviews.
    • The Sheffield Brightside MP accepted the report last night, maintaining he had always ‘told the truth as I knew it’.
    • He always maintained he acted in self-defence.
    • She steadfastly maintained her innocence.
    • The Board had always been maintaining that it would abide by the court verdict, whatever it might be.
    • The Association has consistently maintained this position ever since.
    • I have always maintained that all protests should be acted upon so a precedent and case study is set for the future.
    • He has steadfastly maintained his innocence since his arrest in 1981.
    • Nothing about their philosophical positions requires them to maintain that extreme view.