Translation of majestic in Spanish:


majestuoso, adj.

Pronunciation /məˈdʒɛstɪk//məˈdʒɛstɪk/


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    • The mix is astonishing, from the kitsch to the majestic, from the grotesque to the sublime.
    • Laura reached out and stroked the eagle's great majestic wings and the painting slid to the side.
    • I followed on foot, looking up at the two majestic skyscrapers along the way.
    • This year still have ample reason to believe in that majestic beauty of the beat.
    • A fluffy cloud above the majestic Royal Yacht Britannia marks it out as a centre piece.
    • This is not the competition those majestic players won so gloriously in the 50s.
    • It's a soft beauty as it casts a soft pink to violet of majestic artwork across the sky.
    • The thin lips of his closed mouth and his stout body give the impression of majestic mercy.
    • Australians came to share Heysen's vision of the majestic beauty and dignity of gum trees.
    • The majestic and magnificent culture on display in Prague is quite unforgettable.
    • This was one of the only hopes for this once majestic statue to be saved from the elements.
    • The music he composed for her funeral is of a truly majestic solemnity and profundity.
    • No other city in the world celebrates death on quite so epic or majestic a scale as Paris.
    • We then went up the calm city streets with a tour guide in order to view all of the old churches and the majestic fortress.
    • How majestic will it be to see Lafleur soar down the right wing one more time?
    • They said that his crown was slipping, but with four days of majestic golf in upstate New York, he proved to be king of the Hill.
    • It is a city rather than a town, that lofty, majestic cathedral ensuring its status.
    • What a marvel it is to envision the majestic falcon as it swoops down upon lowly runway birds.
    • There once were a fleet of majestic routemaster buses that ran along the 73 route.
    • The majestic beauty of its rugged mountains and the simple way of life are a major drawcard.