Translation of make-believe in Spanish:


fantasía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmeɪkbɪliːv//ˈmeɪkbəˌliv/


  • 1

    fantasía feminine
    in the world of make-believe en el mundo de la fantasía / la imaginación
    • he lives in a world of make-believe vive en un mundo de fantasía / de ensueño
    • Of course all photography is illusion, all cinema make-believe.
    • So I think, Sir, that these stories are all make-believe; there are no kings and princes, or goblins or gold.
    • Compared to astrophotographs, images of computer simulations often seem like shabby make-believes.
    • The only option for survival is submerging oneself in an illusion of meaning, a world of make-believe.
    • The novelist instantly senses make-believe, and so do we.
    • The virtual, as associated with VR, is seen as a kind of pretend reality, or make-believe.
    • The country's economy, too, was a land of make-believe.
    • I was angry with his seven-year game of make-believe.
    • Dreams and make-believes are all very well in the daytime and the sunshine, but when dark and storm come they fail to satisfy.
    • It must be nice to live in the land of make-believe.
    • But I have learned the hard way that Superman is make-believe.
    • Politicians and the media engage in sanctioned make-believe.
    • I could play make-believe, pretend away all the pain.
    • There's no fairy-tale involved like Midsummer Night's Dream where there's make-believe.
    • And she found within days that it was all just make-believe.
    • In fact, has not experience taught us that adults are more susceptible to make-believe than children, and far more skilled at creating it?
    • Well, that wasn't make-believe but a reality for one man, Timothy Treadwell.
    • Collect any piece of clothing or accessory that could lend itself to make-believe.
    • That's really how it began: me playing make-believe in front of the house, shooting at an imaginary basket with a ball of rags.
    • This city is often described as one of dreams and fantasy, of tinselish make-believe.
  • 2

    don't be frightened, it's only make-believe no te asustes, es de mentira


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    (character/world) imaginario
    (gun) juguete
    (gun) de mentira
    it's only a make-believe ghost es un fantasma de mentira
    • he lived in his own make-believe world vivía en su propio mundo de fantasía / de ensueño
    • He turned his hand in to the shape of a gun and he pulled the make-believe trigger towards my head.
    • She threw my make-believe corpse into a real open grave while I haunted.
    • Which brings me back to that make-believe laundry pile and my own lesson: uncovering a life purpose by defining my values.
    • It weakens their precarious hold on their make-believe world.
    • In the beginning of the story, Mia is in Genovia, the make-believe country that seems so real.
    • It's a real-world situation in a make-believe town.
    • After this epiphany, she and Furii work to dismantle the fantasies of Deborah's make-believe world.
    • However, I am deeply concerned with what goes on within the REAL world not the make-believe one of Hollywood.
    • And the judge said ‘Guilty’ in a make-believe trial and slapped the sheriff on the back with a smile
    • He faced a little bush and lifted his make-believe gun.
    • I liked to fill it with various objects represented the ‘equipment’ I'd need for my current make-believe mission.
    • Are they all totally imaginary, inspired by real people, or just an amalgam of the make-believe world and the real one?
    • We spent days ‘shooting’ each other with our toy guns and kicking make-believe stirrups into imaginary horses.
    • The media and the Democrats sustain each other's make-believe land.
    • But the 42-year-old Cruise shrugs it off as just another make-believe soul that grabbed him.
    • This is when hundreds of communists and non-communists ‘confessed’ to make-believe crimes in show trials.
    • I'm not dead, just living in a make-believe world right now.
    • And those of us who actually make up that make-believe market share?
    • There is an interesting story here - in fact, the only story of Mai that isn't make-believe.
    • If only I could have lived in that make-believe world where a mother displayed her affection for her daughter without hesitation.