Translation of making in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈmeɪkɪŋ//ˈmeɪkɪŋ/


  • 1

    (production, creation)
    a book about the making of the TV series un libro que trata de cómo se hizo la serie de televisión
    • the encyclopedia has been nine years in the making ha llevado nueve años compilar la enciclopedia
    • the opportunity to see a star in the making la oportunidad de ver a una estrella en ciernes
    • a revolution in the making una revolución en gestación
    • this is history in the making esto va a pasar a la historia
    • her problems are of her own making ella se crea sus propios problemas
    • the solution must be of your own making la solución tiene que salir de usted (mismo)
    • they are involved in problems not of their making están metidos en problemas de los que no son responsables
    • to be the making of sb/sth
    • her years in New York were the making of her los años que pasó en Nueva York fueron decisivos (en su vida)
    • the merger proved to be the making of Acmeco el éxito de Acmeco se debió a la fusión
    • The essence of these reforms is to further promote and facilitate the making of agreements at the workplace level.
    • They research for biographical, theoretical and historical points of decision makings and portray an unusual life between philosophy and revolt.
    • But Parker and Stone confirm the actual making of the film has been laborious and exhausting.
    • Should children not be involved in the actual making of those films?
    • For example, we developed every major innovation in the iron and steel making process.
    • Mr Goldberg accepts in those circumstances that Mr Brannigan orally authorised the making of the application.
    • Moreover, actual decision making was more complex than simply one drug and its attendant cluster of factors.
    • The applicant contends that he did not authorise the making of those consent orders.
  • 2makings pl

    the makings of sth
    • you have the makings of a good story there allí tienes material / tienes todos los ingredientes para una buena historia
    • she has the makings of a great actress es una gran actriz en ciernes / en potencia
    • the novel has the makings of a TV series la novela tiene potencial para convertirse en una serie televisiva
    • Amit Roy reports on the makings of a fine literary kerfuffle.
    • We should have the makings of a very workable plan so we can have an orderly evacuation of Port-of-Spain.
    • A nice day weather-wise is always the makings of the event.
    • The production is called ‘Red Riding Hood’ and I believe it's got all the makings of a hilarious night of entertainment.
    • ‘Eddie's got the makings of a driver who can win motor races, but he's got to focus more,’ said Stewart.
    • I ran a vague idea past him feeling a bit unsure and between us, bouncing ideas of each other, I now have the makings of a really good plot I think…
    • The prohibition on capital controls has the makings of a US foreign policy debacle.
    • Sounds like the makings of a nice political thriller.
    • Our offer was accepted this morning and there is no chain in either direction, so fingers crossed, it has the makings of a smooth operation.
    • Northampton have got the stadium, they've got the fans, and now, thanks to Bruce Reihana, they may have the makings of a serious Heineken Cup challenge.
    • If cut for lumber, this single tree would yield 600, 120 board feet, the makings of 40 five-room houses.
    • And this spring has the makings of a property bonanza with the lowest mortgage rates in 35 years available amid cut-throat competition.
    • Toss in anxiety about consumerism, the environment, commercialism, sex and violence and you've got the makings of a great play.
    • We have the makings there but the staff really need more support.
    • It had all the makings of a tragedy and shows the dangers of candles and the importance of smoke alarms.
    • Essentially, we now have the makings of a scrap over Britain's life companies that was predicted by this paper at the turn of the year.
    • Significantly, a small district in Andhra Pradesh offers a few lessons on the makings of a people-friendly system of administration.
    • Put all these volatile elements together and we certainly have the makings of a heady, and potentially somewhat unstable, mixture for investment opportunities.
    • The Penguins had all the makings of a Cup contender: a lethal offense, good goaltending, and good coaching.
    • A dual-winner last season, Josh has the makings of a high-class horse and, although unproven over this seven furlongs I think he will cope with the longer trip.