Translation of malcontent in Spanish:


descontento, n.

Pronunciation /ˌmælkənˈtɛnt//ˈmælkənˌtɛnt//ˈmalkəntɛnt/



  • 1

    descontento masculine
    descontenta feminine
    insatisfecho masculine
    insatisfecha feminine
    • The St Lucia Labour Party felt that this offer would deprive them of this pool of malcontents whose misery they could exploit for political reasons at election time.
    • I attended a protest event on the Boston Common Tuesday afternoon that featured the usual cast of leftist malcontents.
    • Yet the ‘Camp’ here is supposed to refer to Camp Ovation, the performing arts holiday camp for adolescent misfits and malcontents.
    • There is no room for malcontents or troublemakers - an issue Button had to deal with or lose promising coach Greg Gilbert.
    • While this may describe the current state of affairs for many malcontents, it's inconsistent with the 10 fire-starters that precede it.
    • And there has been some - I guess the best way you can put it, is some malcontents there who's been taking their shots.
    • It was a few people around McCain, a couple editors at the Standard, and some miscellaneous other GOP malcontents and polemicists.
    • It is time to get serious, he tells the malcontents, they should stop ‘messing around’.
    • Paul Langmack basically inherited a team thrown together from other club leftovers, malcontents and has-beens on a shoe-string budget.
    • This year the Minnesota Vikings traded him to the Oakland Raiders, who are known for embracing malcontents.
    • With just over two weeks remaining before the Afghan presidential elections, the malcontents have already lost.
    • Turnbull's ironically named ‘Best’ ticket obviously thinks it will have the numbers to dump 5 malcontents from the board.
    • None other than those infamous troublemakers and malcontents, Winston Churchill and Thomas Jefferson, respectively.
    • Its long-sought independence from Indonesia, finally delivered last August, is said to have given voice to other malcontents around the region.
    • Not Old Labour malcontents - they could vote for the Scottish Socialists; not separatists - they had a choice of two parties.
    • But in the early 1920s the National Socialist German Workers' Party was also a small group of malcontents and political chancers.
    • They always are and always will be vicious malcontents.
    • Many junior officers became naysayers and malcontents.
    • From the start, those that have championed the path of anarchy have exposed themselves as malcontents with selfish interests at heart.
    • They are unelectable malcontents who recognize no irony in their complaints and won't take responsibility for the mess they have conjured.