Translation of malevolent in Spanish:


malévolo, adj.

Pronunciation /məˈlɛvələnt//məˈlɛv(ə)l(ə)nt/


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    (grin) malévolo
    (fate/deity) maligno
    • The 1996 World Cup was a marker of this new, malevolent mood of the cricket fan.
    • And this is the case with Dr Octopus who is only temporarily controlled by a malevolent force.
    • Even more than the words in the previous paragraph, it suggests an evil, malevolent intelligence at work.
    • As a witness of the last days of this cruel and malevolent regime, Downfall is clear-eyed and unsentimental.
    • Uncle John's brand of organised chaos may well be governed by these malevolent forces.
    • Fratricidal war paved the way for malevolent elements to become brokers.
    • He has the fierce, malevolent eyes of a demon, deep, red, and sharklike.
    • It was a vicious and malevolent piece of work which was designed to smash the marriage into pieces.
    • All are threatened with destruction by the malevolent but likable Coyote.
    • That evil is malevolent violence, a curse that is the bane of our human existence.
    • She had become this all pervading, evil and malevolent influence on my family and life.
    • That whatever malevolent forces had been unleashed could not harm me personally for this very reason.
    • For many years, it saw only the darkest of evil, bathed in the malevolent glow of hellfire.
    • Can simple coincidence explain these developments, or are more malevolent forces at work?
    • From the resultant penalty, Wood went for goal, but on this occasion the malevolent wind steered the ball off target.
    • While there is much that is wonderful, nature and man frequently prove malevolent forces.
    • There might even be a prankster, a malevolent force, or a god who chooses to interfere.
    • It's important to remember that the elementals were not supposed to be evil or malevolent, just not human.
    • Its intentions are always malevolent and they are the brave warriors who hope to break the system down with almost anyone's help.
    • Another spot on the grass which will darken to a malevolent green and then die over-winter, requiring seeding.