Translation of malformed in Spanish:


deforme, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌmalˈfɔːmd//mælˈfɔrmd/


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    mal formado
    • The treatments were typically instituted because the patients suffered from malformed cervixes which blocked the entry of sperm into the uterus.
    • Their skulls are very small and their brains undeveloped and malformed.
    • Anne was dark-haired, with large eyes, composed and cultivated, with a mole on her neck and a malformed finger.
    • However, analysis of internal genitalia revealed that these individuals either have malformed testes or lack internal genitalia.
    • The relevant birth defects include missing limbs and malformed hearts.
    • Not surprisingly, offspring from clutches with no malformed young survived significantly better than offspring from clutches in which young were malformed.
    • The eye globe is distorted and the cornea is malformed; the iris cannot be recognized.
    • Others had malformed internal organs or eye and ear defects.
    • Besides, she was merely thin and not malformed.
    • Tests on animals have a high failure rate, and a tendency to produce sickly and malformed clones.
    • So she still has a severely malformed brain but is breathing on her own.
    • An animal was scored as malformed if either the left or the right leg of a pair was malformed.
    • The mitral and pulmonic valves may be malformed as well.
    • The first three were so severely malformed they died before the age of five.
    • They are generally reserved only for extreme situations such as that of twins born to a surrogate mother twelve weeks premature and a woman with a malformed uterus.
    • The birth of a malformed infant also can precipitate a major family crisis, which disrupts the usual parent-infant bonding.
    • When a baby has a structural birth defect, some part of the body (internal or external) is missing or malformed.
    • Such meteorological events could help explain the sudden increase in malformed frogs over such a large and diverse region.
    • Approximately 5,000 to 7,000 malformed infants were born to women who ingested thalidomide during pregnancy.
    • The thyroid gland, located in the neck, is sometimes malformed, or completely undeveloped.