Translation of malfunction in Spanish:


mal funcionamiento, n.

Pronunciation /malˈfʌŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n//ˌmælˈfəŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (defective functioning)
    mal funcionamiento masculine
    due to brake malfunction debido al mal funcionamiento de los frenos
    • heart/liver malfunction disfunción cardíaca/hepática
    • The most common reasons given by airlines for delayed flights were engine malfunction and inappropriate on-board service facilities.
    • There were no malfunctions of any kind with any of the ball or duty loads.
    • Doc said it could be a major malfunction in his digestive tract, requiring surgery.
    • If you are the flight engineer, notify the pilot of any engine malfunction.
    • I've got a couple of equipment malfunctions which I'm struggling with.
    • There were no malfunctions of any kind, which is hardly surprising.
    • Remember that institutions must file a report with the FDA whether device malfunction or user error causes injury.
    • Inevitably somebody gets killed unless there is a technical malfunction with the bomb or a little luck.
    • There seemed to be some sort of electrical malfunction, some sort of short circuit.
    • There is a lot of stress involved in a diversion due to technical malfunction.
    • Eventually we learned the crash was caused by a mechanical malfunction, but the law still stands.
    • I told tower we had to troubleshoot a minor malfunction.
    • Will operation in environments with significantly higher ambient temperatures cause a pump malfunction?
    • The navy announces a submarine has suffered a malfunction but says it only has been missing for one day.
    • Multiple cables connected these components and would frequently fail or come loose causing system malfunctions.
    • As a result, many suffered major mechanical malfunctions during the battle.
    • The power failure was caused by an equipment malfunction at about 9pm on Monday night.
    • I scolded myself for not noticing this while we were troubleshooting the actual malfunction.
    • Equipment malfunctions may result from poor design, incomplete qualification, or calibration or maintenance issues.
    • The cause of the disaster was described as a " mechanical malfunction".
  • 2

    falla feminine
    fallo masculine Spain

intransitive verb

Medicine Technology

  • 1

    funcionar mal
    • A backup recorder also is helpful in case one machine malfunctions.
    • That progress ended when the pump malfunctioned.
    • The system also provides a full set of alarms if the system is malfunctioning.
    • It was only later that tests revealed he had suffered a minor heart attack, possibly in the hours before his machine malfunctioned.
    • A radiation therapy device malfunctioned, delivering lethal radiation doses at several medical facilities.
    • In North Carolina's 2002 general election, six touch-screen machines malfunctioned and deleted 436 electronic ballots.
    • She tried to back up, but the bike's propulsion systems were malfunctioning.
    • She tried pulling it back up, and it started to shake through the air, several turbine engines malfunctioned.
    • When a propeller malfunctions, it gets everyone's attention.
    • Maybe the computer malfunctioned and sealed everyone in for no reason at all?
    • Then the thought of all the other machines malfunctioning came into his mind.
    • She also has a history of electronic equipment malfunctioning in her presence.
    • But last night, for the second time in six months, my home computer malfunctioned.
    • The investigations that we undertook concluded that there was no evidence to indicate the valve had malfunctioned.
    • If a locking device is malfunctioning, contact the management office immediately.
    • But before her dignity had a chance to recover, her wardrobe malfunctioned.
    • Customers were annoyed when the boxes ran out of papers or the coin mechanism malfunctioned, as it often did.
    • An elevator had malfunctioned, setting off the alarm, he explained.
    • Only if the machine malfunctions should there be these manual counts.