Translation of malice in Spanish:


mala intención, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmæləs//ˈmalɪs/


  • 1

    (ill will)
    mala intención feminine
    maldad feminine
    he did it without malice lo hizo sin mala intención
    • Callaghan did not act out of any malice or evil intent.
    • The tiny smile held no malice, no spite, but not much warmth either.
    • There are those who have tainted their blood with evil and malice.
    • His words are spoken quickly, but there is no evidence of direct malice in his tone.
    • Slaughter's words don't imply malice or callousness or even apathy.
    • Meanwhile, the red eyes were still there, glittering and watching in malice and evil.
    • His voice had shock in it but it was still with malice in his voice.
    • The man before us smiled warmly before showing us a toothy grin of pure malice and evil.
    • He bore no malice, his aura was tinged slightly with regret, pain and longing.
    • Courtney's playful behavior dropped and pure malice settled over her pixie like features.
    • She said carefully, though the malice in her tone wasn't easy to hide.
    • There was such malice in her voice that Cat involuntarily took a step back.
    • In other words, the NPR broadcast was motivated by sheer malice, based on political disagreement.
    • This time, the devastation resulted not from the malice of evil men, but from the fury of water and wind.
    • His eyes did not hold the malice they held that day in the forest.
    • If you scratch the surface, you will see a planet riddled with malice and evil.
    • The big one just stared and the little one maintained that there was no malice intended.
    • He took a step closer to her, a mocking malice in his eyes.
    • Yelled Lori, with pure malice in her eyes.
    • Very often I was motivated by malice, but that is not the point.
  • 2

    dolo (penal) masculine
    intención delictuosa feminine
    • Even the doctrine of transferred malice can be used.
    • The privilege could nevertheless be defeated if actual malice was proved by the plaintiff.
    • Consequently it limited the damages in such cases unless the plaintiff proved actual malice.
    • Similarly the doctrine of transferred malice applies to the liability of accessories.
    • Nevertheless, the prosecution can contend that the doctrine of transferred malice applies.