Translation of malicious in Spanish:


malicioso, adj.

Pronunciation /məˈlɪʃəs//məˈlɪʃəs/


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    (remark/gossip/person) malicioso
    (remark/gossip/person) malintencionado
    a malicious tongue una lengua viperina / maliciosa
    • Lord Steyn was contrasting damages for malicious falsehood with damages for libel.
    • There was in fact no evidence of malicious attack by any third party, let alone the claimant.
    • She said they would be charged with breach of the peace and malicious damage offences.
    • The star was facing charges of assault and malicious damage, which were later dismissed.
    • Atkinson pleaded not guilty to malicious wounding but admitted unlawful wounding.
    • Computer viruses and other malicious code should then be less able to cause significant damage.
    • Lucy was brutally taken from us in a malicious, callous and evil way leaving a gap in our lives never to be filled.
    • Two people are facing possible prosecutions for malicious or criminal damage.
    • The Americans are worried that they'll be the victim of spurious or malicious prosecutions.
    • The second is whether Jupiter's claim is malicious falsehood has any real prospect of success.
    • Every teacher ran the risk of being set up by malicious pupils, Mr Jackson said.
    • The villagers poison most people with malicious lies so I get little business.
    • The environment was defaced by graffiti and malicious damage that was seldom repaired.
    • It is the most malicious piece of legislation ever placed on a statute book and it has no place in a civilised country.
    • They were accused of lying out of a malicious desire to see the appellants convicted.
    • To refuse to set aside the statutory demand in the circumstances was not biased or malicious.
    • More info on the malicious script execution security flaw can be found here.
    • Final exams are the most evil, satanic, malicious event ever crafted by mankind.
    • All viruses are malicious, nasty little programs written by misguided people.
    • Everything conspires to bring out the worst in him as he turns petty, malicious and vindictive.
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    (damage) doloso
    (damage) intencional