Translation of malignancy in Spanish:


malignidad, n.

Pronunciation /məˈlɪɡnənsi//məˈlɪɡnənsi/

nounPlural malignancies

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    • 1.1Medicine
      (of growth)

      malignidad feminine
      • Tubular adenomas account for 75% of adenomas but comprise only 5% of malignancies.
      • None of the patients had endometrial hyperplasia or an underlying malignancy.
      • The patient had no history of a concurrent or subsequent ovarian or pancreatic carcinoma or an invasive malignancy at any site.
      • The test comes down to giving them varying doses of a mutagen or carcinogen and observing whether malignancies develop.
      • Dr. Folkers began to raise money to pursue his dream of using CoQ10 to treat malignancies.
      • All donors were screened for malignancies, autoimmune and certain neurological disorders, and any high-risk behavior.
      • Each successive classification of salivary neoplasia holds space for malignancies that defy these classification schemata.
      • Helicobacter pylori infection has been associated with the pathogenesis of peptic ulcer disease and gastric malignancies.
      • When the mutation occurs in a cell, it essentially takes the brakes off the cell's growth, causing a malignancy.
      • Can prolonged administration of endothelial antiapoptotic agents influence the growth of malignancies?
      • Alterations in the expression of retinoid receptors are implicated in human malignancies.
      • Alternatively, infiltrating microglia near a focus of radiation necrosis may be mistaken for a malignancy in a treated glioma.
      • The cure rate for Hodgkin's disease is high but there is a risk of developing secondary malignancies.
      • Second nonocular malignancies develop with increased incidence in patients with hereditary retinoblastoma.
      • Patients with the syndrome should be screened for an underlying malignancy or autoimmune disorder.
      • There were 18 solid tumors, 11 hematologic malignancies, and 2 of unknown primary.
      • The tumour cells in these malignancies and not the adjacent normal tissues have the evidence of the virus DNA and the virus proteins.
      • Solid malignancies and nonhematologic diseases were classified as high risk.
      • In contrast, tumor cells don't know when to die, thereby exacerbating the uncontrolled growth of malignancies.
      • The examination revealed a cancerous tumour, and a biopsy revealed a malignancy.

    • 1.2Medicine

      tumor maligno masculine

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    malignidad feminine
    • By the very nature of what it is, Empires are malignant, not benign though they cloak this malignancy with shallow kindness.
    • We know we harbor the same malignancy and malice, the same greed and injustice that we detest in others.
    • I get angry, but I don't hate because hate causes malignancy in me, not the person I'm hating.