Translation of malinger in Spanish:


hacerse el enfermo, v.

Pronunciation /məˈlɪŋɡə//məˈlɪŋɡər/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacerse el enfermo
    fingir estar enfermo
    • Many people associate mental illness with self indulgence, weakness, and malingering.
    • Evidence for this may prove difficult to find, and it remains impossible to exclude malingering as a potential cause.
    • Someone who malingers will fake an illness for some type of external gain, such as money.
    • Role-playing is not the same as faking or malingering.
    • We've seen senior members of parliament here tell people with depression they're malingering, ‘get over it, get back to work’.
    • There's a fine line between what's classed as malingering and what is accepted as genuine illness.
    • Is Miss Mason suffering from Chronic Pain Disorder or is she malingering…?
    • But in the case of mental illness, people are inclined to shut their minds to it, or, even worse, accuse the sufferer of malingering.
    • And if it is, what about the terrific temptation we create for malingering?
    • Because it is often impossible to determine who is malingering and who is not, it is impossible to know how frequently malingering occurs.
    • I can think of several options other than lying and malingering to explain the onset of hysterical symptoms and recovered memories.
    • Why are they malingering and eating up valuable Medicare tax dollars when they could so easily put us all out of their misery?
    • Initially, we were dejected and nearly ‘bought’ his hard luck story; but a little questioning gave away his sheer malingering.
    • Another woman, with early symptoms of Bubonic plague, was told she was malingering.
    • A distinction should be made between factitious disorders and malingering.
    • Inasmuch as results are not intuitive, inconsistency from an individual's attempts to malinger can be detected easily.
    • There are cases where the hallucinations may be malingered or may be irrelevant to the criminal activity.
    • Earlier this year a poll found that 40% of small businesses thought employees were malingering when they took sick leave.
    • Companies indicated that, in their opinion, a whopping 75% of time taken was due to feigned illness or malingering.
    • And we all have some creative, malingering patients worthy of an Academy Award.